Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What I've Learned About Myself in the Last 18 months

  1. I could never, ever hit a child...even while wrestling her on the floor trying to get her teeth brushed.

  2. I am lazier than I ever realized until a certain point and then I want everything done now

  3. I am impatient when it comes to new life chapters

  4. I am a sucker for the tears of my daughter...nothing makes me feel like a loser more

  5. I value experiences over things now.

  6. I really wish I had become a teacher...everyone should take some teaching credits in high school or college (typing be damned!)

  7. I am a fierce Mama when someone crosses us or even a perceived cross

  8. I need to be more strategic in how I approach things before I do them. I could have done quite a few things differently this year

  9. I really like daytime TV too much

  10. I don't want to clean the bathroom today

  11. Blogging has become my new reading...I can do it in the dark lying next to my child

  12. I need to run my home the way I run a business.

  13. A genuine kind word really makes my day sing.

  14. I am completely addicted to shopping

  15. Never dispute a good routine

  16. Few things feel as good as a hot quiet shower

  17. I love to stroke my daughter's sleeping face while lying next to her. Her face is perfection.

  18. I could not be a parent without my husband. He is without a doubt the most important person in my world. He is my rock, my touchstone, my supporter, my confidant and my best friend.

  19. Bonus...I have a wonderful support system. I have the best siblings in the world and friends and acquaintances who are great. I am a very blessed person.

Here is perfection awake and happy. This is last year's Christmas photo and the new ones are scheduled a week from Saturday. I love that she smiles with her mouth wide open and her whole face engaged...just as I hope she takes on all life has to offer!

p.s. I finally got a few auctions live on ebay! And someone's bid on one of them! Here's to more stuff out the door and cash in our pockets!


i-Con said...

Great list and an even better beautiful photo!

Doug and Terrye said...

I love your list, especially #18!!! I have a DH just like him.

Mike, Hayley & Piper said...

that is an amazing photo!

She is adorable, but then, all Hoppe's are!