Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hours Later....

Hey all,
If I've missed a posting, I still consider it important to catch up (tho' not the point of NaBloPoMo)

We got all spiffed up and went to Target to get our photos taken. We chose a tri-photo in green. When Jodi (our photog) asked us what we wanted to write, two writers had a hard timing coming up with:

Happy Holidays!
From Our Home to Yours
The Hoppe Family


Anyway, Kelsey looked beautiful...she's a very photogenic child. And Kurt? SO Handsome...We decided to both wear black sweaters and jeans, so our Christmas Angel in her fancy dress stood out. My DH rocked the house in his handsome-ness...he looked like a movie star! :)

And I am no longer a hair straightening virgin. Did it this am. And between the new shampoos and sprays that help your hair flatten and straighten, I now have the hair I've always wanted! (its a little dark in color, so you can't see movement in photos, once I have a job again, I'm going for a few highlights) or else I look a little like Mary McFadden (Google her!)

Photos will be at Target on 12/1, so I will post our family photos in Dec...take it from me, they are cute...

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