Thursday, January 15, 2009

A long post with mostly photos since it's been a long time coming!

Merry Christmas a Few Weeks late!
We're back to business as usual, but I'm still recovering from my sinus infection gone awry.

This is Kelsey and her cousins on Christmas Eve at their house (my Sister's) Everyone always has a great time!

Christmas morning @ Casa de Hoppe - just look who is all smiles and being extra good before carefully tearing into her presents ---she's a careful ripper - no haphazard craziness for our girl! (yes, most of those gifts are hers...I started early and "forgot" how much Santa stashed away!)

Kelsey was delighted to learn that Santa ate bites out of the cookies and milk we left for him on Christmas Eve. Plus Rudolph came and ate the carrots as well. She was especially impressed with that. I just really loved our tree this year, Kelsey had a great time putting up the tree this year.

"It's just what I wanted! Thank you Santa!" Kelsey cried each time she opened up something wrapped in special Princess wrapping paper. It's so much fun figuring out how to keep the Santa alive for Kelsey. We've never done this before, so it's been really fun, creative and nerve-wracking! I don't want to spoil the myth for her for a long time! After we unwrapped our presents (yes Santa was good to Kurt and me too!) we had our puffed apple pancake breakfast and got ready for our Christmas celebration at the manse :)

This is Peter and Jocelyne's huge tree. See how small our girl is in comparison?

Kelsey was stylin' in a pretty silver sweater and black velveteen jeans (a Christmas present from my sister and her family) Mommy got Kelsey the Tinkerbell silver "K" for Christmas!

Kelsey and her Lola

The Hoppe family wishes everyone a very happy holiday season!

Kelsey went nose to nose with a reindeer ---I think she won!

Kelsey's favorite gifts this year were her 7 Disney Princess dolls, Barbie Guitar, My Little Pony Ponyville House and her Puppy Knows Your Name...but she really does play with almost everything she got...Candyland, a neat computer game, coloring books...she's into everything this year!