Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Night I Met Steven Curtis Chapman.

I'd like to speak a bit about Faith and Fate...I have Faith, first of all, in God, secondly in myself and finally in our family...we were meant to be together. Kurt, Kelsey and I were drawn to each other from across many planes and became a family.

The night I met Steven Curtis Chapman was a magical evening. The date was 9/24/04. I know this date by heart because it was 2 years ago to the day that my Dad passed away. The first anniversary of his death I spent alone peeling wallpaper off my bathroom walls. The 2nd anniversary, my then boss Steve, asked me to attend a meeting in Washington, DC with our Promotional Agency, Strottman. He also said there was an event I was to attend called "Angels in Adoption."

Kathleen Strottman, the DIL of the head of the agency is Chief Aide to Senator Mary Landrieu (LA) who is an amazing woman. They call her "the Adoption Senator" and has sponsored the Angels in Adoption gala for years. This celebration supports everyday people who work effortlessly in adoption arenas across the US. They are nominated by their Senators or Congresspeople, so every state is represented.

We had front row seats to this amazing event. Everyone at our table was connected to Kathleen - but I was the only one in the process of adopting a child. Kathleen and I chatted and she introduced me to the Senator who was a lovely woman. At the time, we were waiting for our approval from the I600. Everyone was warm and encouraging that night. I also got to meet Steven Curtis Chapman, who performed that evening, Jane Seymour and the Watoto Children's Choir...an amazing group of African children whose parents died of AIDS. They all live together in a village and are united by their passion for music and singing.

I was so moved to be there listening to people talk about what adoption meant to them and how it impacted their lives. Steven sung, and I cried. He talked about his foundation (then called Shoshannah's Hope. It was a wonderful, moving event. I know my Dad was happy that I was there celebrating the next step of my life, rather than mourning his passing. That evening, I felt a peace settle into me...I knew we'd be getting our beautiful baby girl...this was fate!

Two of the lovely gifts we received that night was a stuffed white bunny from Shoshannah's Hope and a book called "Shoey and Dot." My Kelsey sleeps almost every night snuggling that special bunny in her arms. I wanted to share the story with her how she came to own that special bunny - but right now she's too young to understand it. So I decided to write this blog entry down so I could share it with her when she's older.

Finally, the following year, our good friend and former Facilitator of CHATS, Alyce Jenkins was honored as an Angel in Adoption. I was so thrilled, because NJ couldn't be represented by a better Angel.

I believe that these people were placed in my life for a reason at that exact moment in time...because THIS face was waiting for us in China.

And that face became THIS face today!

So this was OUR fate....and thank God for that!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Three Word Sunday - A Bit Later Than Planned

I had a full post written and lost it, plus a slower than normal computer meant I missed it. But it's probably okay that I didn't have it up...it's not pretty or happy.

My week sucked....
I didn't get EITHER job I interviewed for. The first org used my interview to convince themselves that they can't afford what they want so they hired a coordinator.

The second job hired a Harvard MBA who lived in the same town. Can't compete with that.

Sadly, this wasn't the worst part of my week...Mom's back in the hospital in ICU due to a bleeding ulcer caused by taking her blood thinners and not eating properly. She lost so much blood we almost lost HER! But they scoped her and cauterized her ulcer and gave her many many units of blood and plasma. Due to the low volume of blood in her system, she had a heart attack as well...this has been AWFUL!

She's been in ICU since Thursday and finally woke up yesterday (Sunday) however she is pretty disoriented. But she does know us and we'll take progress in baby steps.

Kurt's still traveling for work so Kelsey's going through all this with us and hasn't been happy spending hours in the ICU, but we've tried to give her as much fun as possible. She's been acting out and whacked her forehead on our bed last night. Luckily she's got a hard head..but it was a scary night and she's fine and perfectly normal today.

Kurt's leaving for his next trip a little later today -so he's going to spend some quality time with our girl at the park today. But all in all, my 3 word is summed up as

Let's hope and pray this week is better...Mom gets well and I get some more job leads!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Three Word Sunday...It's Keeps Getting Better!

Well, as you can see by my daughter's face, when the going gets tough, the tough don fairy costumes! Actually, not really, we've just been finally getting in the game. I've been praying for a break in the job hunting game and I've received it.

Tomorrow (Monday) I have my second interview with a FABULOUS non profit on the Jersey Shore. On Tuesday I have a first interview with another FABULOUS non profit in East Orange. I have a good shot at both opportunities and I am praying for one or both to come through and give me an offer.

So, definately seeking the answers to my prayers - so please send them up tomorrow, good thoughts, any positive ideas you have please!

Does that have anything to do with my daughter's photo? Not really except I loved the expression on her face - I could tell she was thinking "they'd better be looking at ME!" (and they were! :)

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Three Word Sunday!

What would you call...
2 job interviews
Daddy working locally ALL WEEK
A visit from Uncle Jimmy

At Casa de Hoppe, we call it....

by the way, this was a shot of Kelsey last weekend eating (and loving!) her first 'smore. We had a fabulous time in beautiful Brattleboro, VT and will write more about our adventures shortly!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

It's BACK!

After about a year, our good friend PM has re-instituted 3 word Sundays. I loved these because it really helped me to focus on my blog and on the week that has just passed.

I've really neglected this space since Facebook, but really want to go back to it. However, there is something that I want to go back to more right now...

As sung in the Broadway show " A Chorus Line"...

"I need a job...I need THIS job...oh God, I need this show...
Well, I have zippity in the pipeline. Nilch, None, Nada, Zippo...and I am "freakin' tired" of not working...

So while this really doesn't sum up what happened in my life this week, it's the running theme of my world right now...

I am currently a SAHM, but in reality I'm a Marketing Director, Non Profit Development Director. There are many things I am qualified and well skilled in working at...this economy has really screwed up a lot of fantastic organizations and many people are out of work...it sucks. While I love being home with my girl, I recognize and accept that I need to have a career that sustains me and gives me the opportunity to not only provide a living for my family -but also gives me an important sense of accomplishment. Even if I was wealthy and didn't need to work....I'd absolutely HAVE to do something to make my time on Earth well spent. So, my three word is...

Oh, God, I need a JOB...I need to WORK...I need this for my sanity soon, please!