Sunday, February 24, 2008

Three Words

A really cool waiting Mama came up with a great idea. Here are the simple rules.

"Sum up your week in three little words. You can sing it, you can say it, you can write it, you can draw it. It can be funny or sad or poignant as long as it’s honest.”

Kurt had a tough trip this week and I was racking my brains to keep our little miss occupied and not too sad that Daddy wasn't here to play. I didn't have time to take a real shot this week, so I doctored one....

I cannot explain the joy on our baby's face when she saw her Daddy after 4 days.

Thanks Mel, for the great idea. I appreciate the challenge and cannot wait to read yours!

Snow day photos coming soon!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Why I Support Hilary Clinton for President

Rising to the challenge of a comment made earlier in the week, I'd like to offer the positive reasons why I support Senator Clinton as President

1) I feel a comfort and trust level with Senator Clinton that I don't feel with the other candidates running. She's a proven winner who is tough and aggressive when necessary, but as a wife and Mom has an empathetic quality that I feel would be beneficial to our country. We all know that Bill Clinton embarassed her during his administration. She not only held her head up high and continued with her marriage, she managed to rise above it and successfully forge her own successful career in politics. How many of us could have taken that hit and not only survived with grace, but flourished? And, I feel that her past (and it's not HER wrongdoings that are being trotted out by the other candidates, it's Bill's) belong in the past.
2) As a woman, I feel it is important to have role models who are female. Women are 51% of the population of the United States and I feel it is time that we elect our first woman President.
3) Senator Clinton has proved herself to be a supporter of all of America - race, nationalities, religions and sex. I feel that many of her former minority supporters are now backing another candidate because he is a minority and they want to see a minority elected as much as I want to see a woman elected.
4) Senator Clinton has the unique experience of experiencing a Govenorship and a Presidency as the closest personal advisor of the sitting Gov and President (2 term) and has also successfully been elected a Senator. Additionally, if elected, President Clinton would have as HER closest advisor, a successful Gov and 2 term President. Yes, Bill isn't the most faithful husband, but he's a damn smart guy and an expert in foreign relations.
3) Senator Clinton supports issues that are close to my heart:
a) Women's rights - too many households in the US are female head of house, and if we do the same's only right that we receive parity. I had an instance a few years ago when I didn't have parity in my job and I fought hard and won a promotion and a significant raise. When Kelsey begins her Neurosurgeon/Concert Pianist Careers, I want her to make the same $$$ as her male equiliviant.
b) Senator Clinton's platform to strengthen the middle class makes sense to me. As a citizen of a state where it is challenging to live comfortably on a low six figure income, it is vital that our middle class becomes more stable. I believe the US is rapidly becoming a rich-poor nation and much of the hard work that our nation depends on (teachers, nurses, truck drivers, firemen, police) are the middle class. What happens to us?
b) Senator Clinton's website speaks eloquently about adoption reform in the US. How could I an adoptive Mom support a Candidate that didn't think it was important to address the issue at all?
c) Education - Sen Obama wants to "reform" but keep the No Child Left Behind, possibly the worst program ever invented. The Schools I work with are buried under the strain of trying to meet the lowest level of reading/math scores and can't even teach some of the other important courses like science and history (trust me, I talk to teachers in urban communities a lot!) Create a better program!
d)Healthcare - Unfortunately (see reasons above) during my layoff, I have been without health insurance for almost 7 months now (5 more weeks until my benefits kick in!) thank goodness I am a healthy and LUCKY person! (Kelsey and Kurt are fully was just too expensive for his tiny co to add me) If Senator Clinton's Healthcare plan adds more people to the list that don't have to stress out about every little cough then I am all for it!

To sum it up, a Tough, Class Act who has taken a fall from grace and come up a winner. Great platform, history and experience rolled into one talented woman.

So, now I've used my freedom of speech on my own blog to express my own ideas and thoughts. I ask for thoughtful respectful comments and also wish for folks who may not agree with me to not hide under the anonymous title.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Everyone who visits my blog, please ignore the jerks who put the "look here" crap in my comments section...they are viruses and these people who maliciously do this should have their internet privledges revoked.

Today was a snow day in the Hoppe household. Probably one of the harder things I do in my life is try to work from home occasionally with Kelsey present. Today, was a much better day than most because she allowed me to work when I told her I needed to. And I had a few conference calls that went well (she gets the finger to the lips "ssshhhh" motion) I got a few things done, but not as much as I had hoped.

I do have to say that today reminded me of the not so distant past when I was job hunting. It was fun to have the routine back again and to spend the day enjoying Kelsey rather than worry about the hunt. I miss her so much when we're apart!

Tomorrow we will play...Kelsey's first time ever in snow. I was worried that her snowpants would be unchristened again (like last year) but nope, we have about 7-8 inches and can probably build a cool snowperson!

We had a nice dinner, a fun bubble bath and now we are tucked in for the night watching the Little Mermaid. Hope your evening is as fun.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Unacceptible Double Standard

The idea of being a liberal has never felt right to me. However, I am definately a cultural liberal, as I believe in pro-choice, gay rights, equality and feminisim. By all rights, it sounds as if I am a Democrat, but I am a political conservative and don't feel that we should squander federal resources on "perceived inequities." In fact, the term liberal conjurs up in my mind the "crunchy-granola-esque flip flop on whatever the issue of the minute is." (ICK!)

I made a decision a few years ago that I was going to change the course of my career to work in the non-profit sector, working with organizations that support my personal mission. My ideal job would be to work as an adoption advocate, but children's issues are extremely important to me. I am a white woman who is working in the inner city to improve the quality of life of its children. Before this job, I was working at another urban city trying to improve the lifes of women and children. The majority of the people I am working for are African American. I believe in the improvement of the quality of life for all living creatures (humans and animals).

As a caucausian woman I am well aware of the privledge of the color of my skin and I've had many conversations about a really interesting article called "The Invisible Knapsack: White Privledge" (google it!) I don't see myself as a white woman. I see myself as female first, of a "certain" age second and then wife and mother.

I've had some interesting conversations with people of color (quite a few different ones) who laugh at me and say that they see their color first and THEN their sex, etc. I find this facinating because of the different mind set. I file these conversations in my brain because one day I will need them when having a self-esteem chat with Kelsey.

I've been reading the whole Michele Obama fiasco with disgust and distain. I know the media is treating the Obamas with kid gloves because of the fact that Barrack is the first very viable African American candidate to run. (Jesse Jackson was NEVER viable in my mind, because I believe that you shouldn't combine church and state and be an elected official and Jackson, as a minister had already made that choice).

It feels that the Obamas are now assuming the mantle of "Democratic Nominee" and Michele is particularly arrogant in her remarks. I've been alive a few more years than she has and I can say there have been many MANY times that i've been proud to be an American. The more I read and hear, the less impressed I am. I truly feel that she is an arrogant, racist condescending witch and I truly hope this will turn the tide and finally show the Obamas in the true light of day.

You can think that I'm not doing my homework, but I've been reading almost everything I can on the net about the campaign. I especially read the comments after the stories to hear the voices of Americans in their own words. Many Americans are voicing concern about abilities of Barack Obama, but Democrats are strong in their party ties and would vote for anyone who wins the nomination. This is the jumping on the bandwagon mentality that I don't quite get.

I'm especially disappointed in the double standard that I've seen. The Obama campaign IS attacking the Clinton campaign, but only Hillary is seen as practing negative politics. Is it acceptible to be a sexist in today's society, but not a racist? I don't think so. Whenever the Clinton campaigns fire back, the Obama campaign immediately plays the race card.

GWB- I fully blame you for this mess. If you hadn't been the worst president in decades, then Americans (especially the younger more gullible ones) desperate for change wouldn't be willing to throw the baby out with the bath water and elect someone who doesn't have credible credentials to run this country. Slick words and insults (shut up Michelle and tend to YOUR OWN HOME and BIG MOUTH)without sustainence to back them up shouldn't win.

And can someone please explain why Barack Obama doesn't salute the flag? I've seen the YouTube movies and it's not acceptible to me. If the man we elect as President won't respect the symbol of our country who else will?

But, please keep looking at Kelsey's photos, they are truly adorable!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Proof Positive About the Love of Our Lives

Could I love my girl anymore than I already do?
She radiates sunshine when she's awake and she is the snuggliest girl in her sleep, she needs to fall asleep holding hands now.

These are from a church photo session and also from the Picture People.
I particularly love the photo of her in her Chinese silks...

I'm so proud of her, and of us...surely we are doing something right by her. Please God, let us keep her this happy for a long time to come!

The one thing I realize is that she is growing up fast! My baby looks so mature!
Enjoy our modeling session...she sure did!

Friday, February 15, 2008


Transitioning from a SAHM to a full time Working Mom has been a little rougher than I realized. I miss my daughter during the day and while I have great comfort that she is well taken care of, I miss her dreadfully.

And work is busy. It's good because it's pushing me past my comfort zone a bit. I am meeting the major players in Newark. I am running in and out of the office quite a bit. And staying later than I thought I would. This is causing me to do the white-knuckle 5:55pm speed down route 22 to get to the daycare before 6pm. NOT Cool.

I'm torn because while I need to work for more reasons than I care to list, I don't want to. I want the flexibility of my schedule to clean, do laundry and errands when I want to. And I get grumpy because I can spend a few hours cleaning a room only to have it look like a disaster again soon after. And cooking every night is challenging.

We had some family photos and Kelsey photos taken recently. Goodness, they came out incredible. She's so photogenic and I'm so happy with her attitude. She's a happy happy girl.

I had another topic listed under the original posting, but realized I made a HUGE error in reading the posting where I pulled the topic, so I am deleting it. And I made an apology on the blog where I misread it. Bad JoAnn....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Seven Strange Things About Me....

My Dear Panda Sister Amie tagged me and then posted to apologize! Oh, sweetie don't worry I love to talk about myself! ;)

Anyway, here are 7 strange, but true things about me

  1. I had a terrible case of spastic larengitis in my senior year in college. That's when your vocal cords rub together causing searing pain down your throat. The only cure is complete vocal talking for two months. I carried around a notebook. Unfortunately I was at the end of finals my graduating year, (hello, I double majored in music in college) but my teachers knew I had a problem and I was telling the truth.

  2. Keeping in the medical theme, I had mono TWICE! Once at 5 and again at 24. Ugh.

  3. I hate hate HATE when food on my plate touches, if its not supposed to.

  4. And I eat one thing at a time on my plate (Thanks Daddy)

  5. My first car was an AMC Gremlin and my 2nd was a Ford Pinto (yes I am old, and Thanks again, Daddy)

  6. When I am not feeling well, I get very neurotic about making sure the house is very clean

  7. I love checking out my neighbor's open houses when there's one. I get such a voyueristic thrill!

Okay, now I get to tag 7 people...I'm tagging:

  1. Vicky

  2. My Brother Jimmy (you better do this!)

  3. Hailey (strangely enough, no relation!)

  4. Terrye
  5. Shannon

  6. Colleen

  7. Kate

Sunday, February 10, 2008

An Interesting Weekend...

Today was a joyous day. Not for any big or special reason, but for the joy that I felt being together as a family.

I first noticed it at church. Just from the way she was interacting with us and her friends. She is a child who truly loves people. Several people stopped me today to comment on how joyous she is. And the way she was hugging Kurt today...pure joy :)

After coffee hour, Kurt dropped me off and he and Kelsey went on their merry way to the "puppy store!" to visit the puppies. Kelsey could do this every single day and be thrilled. Kurt and/or I take her at least once a month to a certain pet store in NJ to see all the pups. We are now talking about what has to happen in order for us to actually get a dog one day. Then Daddy and Daughter went to Mickey D's for lunch.

What did I do during the precious 90 minutes? A few loads of laundry, mopped the kitchen and cleaned most of the downstairs while they were gone. And then I made a roast chicken for dinner along with the trimmings. It felt really good to come upstairs at the end of the day and have the whole downstairs neat and orderly and ready for a busy week.

Yesterday was a bit of a challenge...Montana (Tana) pulled out a whole line of her fur and hasn't been up to par. She's our FIV positive deaf kitty and she's almost 8 years old now. So we took her to the vets and they ran a blood panel. I'll be calling the Dr. on Tuesday to learn the results. I have 2 fears (1) she's a diabetic...she's been gulping water lately (2) the FIV is progressing. I hope the tests show nothing and she's just stressed out because I've gone back to work a month ago.

Also, Friday night my brakes started making horrible noises as I was driving to my sister's house. I made Kurt promise to stay up till Kelsey and I got home from my nieces' birthday party. (he did) He took the car out Sat am and said he thought it was the pads...and he was right. Luckily, Meineke did a good job and we are now squeekless again.

Between the vet and the mechanics...ouch!

We also did some food shopping and then I ran to a few stores looking for Valentine's Day clings for some quick and easy decoration. Luckily I found them at Party City, so when Kelsey woke up from her nap, she and I decorated the windows in the living room :) With puppies and girl loves her puppies and kitties.

Sorry no photos recently, the battery died on the camera and we misplaced the charger and only found it last night.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Addressing a Few More Political Issues and then back to business as usual~

First of all, thank you to all the posters that made comments. Please don't feel you have to be anonymous, I do not bash others for their opinions. We should all have them.

I thank you also for being courteous to my opinion on my blog. I do not want to make this blog a political one, but I will address some questions raised. These are my own views, so again respect is important to me.

Sometimes I feel like I am the biggest oxymoron. I am a Republican woman working in a very liberal environment. My last 2 jobs were deep in the heart of cities who are extremely challenged to keep their citizens safe and well educated.

1) I believe that you can be a member of a party and not support every issue a candidate supports. I support McCain over the other Republicans running. I realize that most Republicans seem to be pro-life it almost seems to be that you can't run for office if you are a pro-choice Republican. I can separate this component from the rest of his platform. Some folks can't and that's fine.

2) I did what another poster asked and took a look at McCain's platform on Human dignity. John McCain is an adoptive parent - an international adoptive parent. He gets what is closest to my heart. There are things I can overlook (like the stance on gay marriage, stem cell resarch...again I think Republicans almost have to take an oath on things they will support if they's all the party mantra) if I have a key issue I can latch onto. Do I want McCain to win over Hillary? No. Will I support him over Obama? Yes. I agree with his policies on Internet predators and pornography.

My Husband, my Father, and my Brother were all in the military. I am proud that they all served. When I see a soldier, marine or sailor out and about I take the time to thank them for serving this country.

3) I find it very interesting that Obama is clearly leading in most of the caucases. I believe the caucus is a much harder/more intense look at the issues than our normal primaries.

4) I agree with the poster that said Obama has shaken up this election and lit a fire under the American people. I think that he a man gifted with great vision. The problem I have with that is that visionaries are not the best leaders of men. I speak from experience as I have worked with people who have been great visionaries but couldn't translate that to the mechanisms of business. (think about how many people you may know who are great thinkers/very booksmart but lack common sense!)

I think the right leader for us right now if a person who has vision, experience and leadership qualities. Our country is in a precarious situation and is hungry for change. The challenge is to temper change with experience and the right skills set. My personal belief is that person right now is Hillary. I feel frustrated that this should have been "her time" she's really fighting a tough fight. I'm glad she took the big 4 states last night; NJ, CA and NY and MA. Even with the celebrities jumping on the Obama bandwagon, people still chose her.

5) My final political comment tonight is for the poster who commented how Caroline Kennedy has raised millions for NY schools. I am a Development Professional. I have worked in the non profit world for 4 of my 12 years in marketing. I can raise a million dollars for the right cause very easily and I am NOT rich and do not have a famous last name. So if I can do a million, is her contribution really all that impressive? And was the millions for public schools or for the private ones that her kids went to? Sorry, I'm just not impressed by her or her pedigree. Sit in a classroom and listen to kids say they are working to get out of their urban enviornment because they are afraid of getting shot in their homes and then tell me what quality of character is.

Back to my business as usual...tomorrow is Chinese New Year. Kelsey and I made cupcakes for her daycare and for my office. We also stuffed Chinese envelopes full of gold chocolate coins for her daycare. Kelsey LOVED baking with me and I let her crack the eggs, hold the mixer (for a second) and put the paper cups in the trays. All in all a very good evening.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Getting Political for a Moment...

Seriously, people have got to stop the canonization of Barack Obama.

The Ted/Caroline Kennedy connection made me want to vomit. How lame for the old warhorse and the dilettante to jump on the coat tails of this new bright political voice. (Nothing personal Caroline but do you contribute ANYTHING?) And Ted? LOL!

And to be a horrible American...JFK didn't really do much for the US during the brief time he was in office. Perhaps if he had lived and served another term....

Here's the deal...I think the Republican nominee will be McCain. He's at a serious disadvantage because of W.

The Democratic nominee should be Hilary. For the BIG reason that Obama is too new to hit the ground running effectively. Perhaps in 6-12 years... It takes a long time to become seasoned to a new job and Capital Hill is the hardest in the world. It takes many Presidents almost one term to create any change and then they're running for re-election....too little too late!

America doesn't have the luxury of time to allow Obama to come up to speed...he won't get there fast enough to halt what's happening right now. Things are bad...really bad and I am afraid that it's going to get worse.

And I think people are afraid to criticize him for fear of being labeled a racist.

The Clintons had a really good run and we prospered as a country underneath Bill's leadership. I think the Hil/Bill leadership will benefit us.

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday.. I have a cyber confession...I am a Republican, since I registered to vote almost 30 years ago. I won't change parties for one election, but I do vote my conscience.

Kurt changed parties a few years ago and has promised to vote for Hilary for me. I'll vote for McCain.

And I'm going to be judgemental here and vote based on my personal prejudgice...

I want to see a woman President! Let's have positive role models for our daughters...our sons have had their turns.

Elect Hilary and make it so! Can the NY Times be wrong?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Alyssa

My very first niece is now 16! She's the reason I decided I wanted to be a parent. We're celebrating a la familia on Friday. This photo was taken Christmas Eve and shows all the Kelsey's cousins. Alyssa is on the left hand side :)
Alyssa has always been a very determined girl...from the time she was little until now. She's also the family fashionista and is anxiously awaiting that teenage milestone...her driver's license!

Kelsey has a cold and cough. We visited her Pediatrician yesterday who said everything was fine. She's happy and playing, but has a cough and a runny nose. Plus a slight fever this evening.

She was so grown up at the Dr's yesterday! She let the dr. listen to her heart, look in her ears and mouth! Amazing!

Want to hear something amazing? Last night Kelsey whispered something to me "wanna know a secret?" I sure did.... leaning closer she whispered "I'm a Mermaid" and happily went to sleep.

Here's to a lifetime of shared whisperings in the night with my daughter

Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Children of China Need You Now!

I read this accounting yesterday and cried at my desk at work. If you have a child or love children, please donate. If you come to this website because of our adoption connection -whether you're adopting, have a child home already, or may just be a friend or relative of someone in this process, please reach down and donate!

If you've followed the news this week, you know that unprecedented snowstorms have hit China hard, many in places that haven't seen snow in decades. These are provinces that are not prepared to deal with this type of weather and the cities are in crisis mode.

One organization that is well known to the adoption community, Half The Sky, is communicating loud and clearly that help is needed. Half the Sky is a charitable organization that works to better the orphanages in China. and to better the lives of China's orphans. Please go to the Half The Sky website to learn more.

So today I'm using my blog to ask for help on behalf of Jenny Bowen and Half The Sky. Below is part of what is posted on the Half The Sky site today as Jenny was on a plane heading to assess the situation herself.

"Welfare institutions in south and central China are having the hardest time dealing with the weather disaster. This part of the country is simply not equipped to deal with extreme cold or heavy snow and ice.The most common critical problems are power outages, lack of safe drinking and cooking water, lack of fuel, diapers and public transportation. In many places where buses have stopped running, our Half the Sky nannies have been walking hours (in one case, 4 hours) along icy roads to get to the children. As conditions worsen, our nannies and teachers are remaining at the institutions day and night. They have given up the idea of going home to their own families for the holidays.They need quilts. They need warm clothing. They need coal, water, disposable diapers and food.

Here are the reports I have thus far, while in-flight. I will send more soon. Where you don’t see a report, either all is well or I don’t yet have information. I will tell you when we’ve heard from everyone. We’ve also given all the directors an emergency number to call when/if the situation changes.

Hunan Province –Chenzhou has had no electricity or water for six days. They are relying on coal for heat and cooking. The supermarkets and banks are closed. Staff is using personal money for baby food, diapers, coal and water. Costs are rising due to shortages. They have a natural well which, thankfully, is not frozen. Even the older children are helping to fetch water. They have perhaps six days of food remaining. The local government is overwhelmed by the disaster and is unable to help much.

Shaoyang has seen heavy snow every day for 20 days. There is sufficient water and, for the moment, there is power, so the children are warm. However, 5 of 6 power poles have been downed by weather. Only one stands and the institution fears it will fall as well, leaving them without electricity. Much of the rest of the city is already dark. Children and caregivers continue to work and play together. High school students are cramming for exams and trying to ignore the cold. Everyone prays that the power pole will continue to stand.

Yueyang also has no electricity. The one functioning power generator is being used in the children’s dormitory. They are relying on coal heat but the price has tripled in recent days. They are running out of food and have applied to the local Bureau of Civil Affairs for funds to buy more. Our HTS nannies have been walking for hours to get to work, often slipping on the ice, “even though they try to be cautious.”

Xiangtan has had snow for the past 10 days. The main water pipe is “broken again.” There is no water for cooking right now but they do have electricity, coal and blankets. They are still able to buy food but prices have gone way up. Not all of the HTS nannies can get to work every day. They are keeping the programs going as well as they can and make sure that at least five nurturing nannies are there with the babies every day, along with the institution’s caregivers.

Jiangsu Province –Changzhou has seen some heavy snows but the director reports that the children are fine. The director says that he’s doing his best to ensure that the children do not suffer. Public transportation is crippled by the snow and HTS nannies and teachers are waiting for hours to catch a bus for home or even walking home in the snowy dark.

Nanjing reports no problems at all despite the heavy snows. I tried to fly into Nanjing yesterday but it was not possible.Anhui Province -Chuzhou has both water and power. Only public transportation has failed. HTS nannies and teachers are walking to work. They are leaving home extra early to be there for the children.

Guangxi Province –Guilin has two broken HTS heater/air conditioners in the Infant Nurture rooms and they’ve asked us to replace. The rooms are very, very cold. They ask for more soft matting for the floors and also snow boots for our HTS nannies who’ve been slipping and falling in the ice and snow as they come to work. They are so ill-equipped to handle severe weather.

Jiangxi Province –Fuzhou lost power for a few days but now it is back to normal. The snow stopped a couple of days ago but now is falling again. The directors and HTS staff have gathered all the children into one big room to keep them warm. They’ve bought New Years clothes for the children and will have a party no matter how bad the weather. This year, however, the foster parents will stay home to keep the children safe. The institution has enough food and water. They want us to focus on those in more serious trouble and ask us please not to worry.

Jiujiang says they’ve never faced such bitter weather. They desperately need disposable diapers. Washable diapers cannot be dried. They need warm clothes, shoes, gloves hats quilts and warm mats for the floors. They need medicine for infant coughs and colds.

Hubei Province –Wuhan suffers heavy snows but they still have power. Heaters are working but there is no water for bathing. The local community has offered to take children in for the Chinese New Year and the institution feels this may be the best decision to keep them safe.

Huangshi reports that the freeze is so severe that all heater/air conditioners have stopped functioning. They need quilts and warm clothes for the children. They need disposable diapers. Several HTS nannies have fallen on the ice on their way to work and they need medicine to treat cuts and bruises.

Gathering these reports together makes me think about how careful we have always been at Half the Sky to maintain our focus on nurture and education programs. Ours is not a medical or relief organization. There are many wonderful groups who do that work. Probably the primary reason we’ve been able to accomplish so much and reach so many children is because we’ve maintained our focus on our core mission — providing nurturing care for children who’ve lost their families..

But a moment like this really cannot be ignored. The tragedy of Hurricane Katrina in the US taught us that no matter how wealthy a country might be, its vulnerable citizens (old, poor, ill, and orphaned children) are the ones who suffer most when disaster strikes. Even as China seems to be entering the first world, a disaster like this is quite simply crippling. We know that orphaned children will be among those who suffer the damage most.I say this because I think we should break one of Half the Sky’s rules and, if there are sufficient funds raised in the Little Mouse Emergency Fund, we should offer relief (water, food, diapers, quilts, clothing) to any orphanage where children need help.Let’s see how this goes. If people are as generous as I think they might be, we will work with the provincial Bureaus of Civil Affairs in every hard-hit community, and offer assistance to all welfare institutions where there is need.

Please lend a hand, however you can. You can donate to the Little Mouse Emergency Fund by calling us in the US at +1-510-525-3377 or in Asia at +852- 2520-5266 or by clicking on “Donate Now” or download a form to mail or fax. Donations are tax-deductible in US, Canada and Hong Kong.

Please forward this message and tell your friends and family. I will be back with an update very, very soon."Please go here to donate. If there's anything that you can give, please help. These are our children and they need us right now."

(I lifted this post from Special K's site...I edited to add my own commentary, but am very grateful to her putting this post up!)

JoAnn is back and adding:

Orphanage children are probably NOT at the top of the provinces' concern because they using their limitied resources to keep the cities going. Two years ago, we had JUST received our referrals and photos of Kelsey. I would have lost my mind if I knew that our precious baby girl was in perilious conditions in an area that wasn't equipped to assist and in a place that the government didn't place at the top of the list for help.

Our girl arrived home and is happy and well. We owe it to the daughters left to give where we can. I wish I won the lottery and could adopt 10 or more and give money to the SWI's to help the rest, but sadly, that hasn't happened yet.