Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Unacceptible Double Standard

The idea of being a liberal has never felt right to me. However, I am definately a cultural liberal, as I believe in pro-choice, gay rights, equality and feminisim. By all rights, it sounds as if I am a Democrat, but I am a political conservative and don't feel that we should squander federal resources on "perceived inequities." In fact, the term liberal conjurs up in my mind the "crunchy-granola-esque flip flop on whatever the issue of the minute is." (ICK!)

I made a decision a few years ago that I was going to change the course of my career to work in the non-profit sector, working with organizations that support my personal mission. My ideal job would be to work as an adoption advocate, but children's issues are extremely important to me. I am a white woman who is working in the inner city to improve the quality of life of its children. Before this job, I was working at another urban city trying to improve the lifes of women and children. The majority of the people I am working for are African American. I believe in the improvement of the quality of life for all living creatures (humans and animals).

As a caucausian woman I am well aware of the privledge of the color of my skin and I've had many conversations about a really interesting article called "The Invisible Knapsack: White Privledge" (google it!) I don't see myself as a white woman. I see myself as female first, of a "certain" age second and then wife and mother.

I've had some interesting conversations with people of color (quite a few different ones) who laugh at me and say that they see their color first and THEN their sex, etc. I find this facinating because of the different mind set. I file these conversations in my brain because one day I will need them when having a self-esteem chat with Kelsey.

I've been reading the whole Michele Obama fiasco with disgust and distain. I know the media is treating the Obamas with kid gloves because of the fact that Barrack is the first very viable African American candidate to run. (Jesse Jackson was NEVER viable in my mind, because I believe that you shouldn't combine church and state and be an elected official and Jackson, as a minister had already made that choice).

It feels that the Obamas are now assuming the mantle of "Democratic Nominee" and Michele is particularly arrogant in her remarks. I've been alive a few more years than she has and I can say there have been many MANY times that i've been proud to be an American. The more I read and hear, the less impressed I am. I truly feel that she is an arrogant, racist condescending witch and I truly hope this will turn the tide and finally show the Obamas in the true light of day.

You can think that I'm not doing my homework, but I've been reading almost everything I can on the net about the campaign. I especially read the comments after the stories to hear the voices of Americans in their own words. Many Americans are voicing concern about abilities of Barack Obama, but Democrats are strong in their party ties and would vote for anyone who wins the nomination. This is the jumping on the bandwagon mentality that I don't quite get.

I'm especially disappointed in the double standard that I've seen. The Obama campaign IS attacking the Clinton campaign, but only Hillary is seen as practing negative politics. Is it acceptible to be a sexist in today's society, but not a racist? I don't think so. Whenever the Clinton campaigns fire back, the Obama campaign immediately plays the race card.

GWB- I fully blame you for this mess. If you hadn't been the worst president in decades, then Americans (especially the younger more gullible ones) desperate for change wouldn't be willing to throw the baby out with the bath water and elect someone who doesn't have credible credentials to run this country. Slick words and insults (shut up Michelle and tend to YOUR OWN HOME and BIG MOUTH)without sustainence to back them up shouldn't win.

And can someone please explain why Barack Obama doesn't salute the flag? I've seen the YouTube movies and it's not acceptible to me. If the man we elect as President won't respect the symbol of our country who else will?

But, please keep looking at Kelsey's photos, they are truly adorable!


Beverly said...

By your way of reasoning, GWB should be blamed for Clinton's misconduct in the Whitehouse in the first place. I don't quite see how sucky democratic nominations are Bush's fault. I have to respectfully disagree with you here!


Anonymous said...

I must admit I am disappointed and offended by the comment to Michelle Obama. Freedom of speech makes America great and I believe protecting the right to free speech is part of being a proud American. Speak up when you disagree, but encourage others to do the same.

I also have a challenge for you. It is easy to find faults in people. We all make mistakes and sometimes they are incredibly embarrassing (fortunately none of mine have ended up on You Tube or the evening news), but we are more than our mistakes. Can we try to focus on things that are positive?

From the blog postings, I know you are bright, talented and that you care about family and the future. I would like to hear more about why you support Hilary and what she will do to make the future a little better than the present.

Wayswin said...

I will keep looking a the pictures, cuz Kelsey is cute.
It also choked me up a little to see you smiling, the real smile.

Now about that happy pill...
Sis, you are one of the smartest people I know, so don't get caught up in this. You said Political Conservative where I think you meant Fiscal Conservative. Best not to be a Political Anything!

On that same note... don't let them define you as liberal or conservative either. It's all a matter of right and wrong. We know it's wrong to spend money we don't have. We know its right to treat others as we want to be treated. That's what I heard you say in that first paragraph. I couldn't agree more.

Just call me when ya get a chance... By the way, I'm gonna come down in an other week or two... for a few days.

And Bev, I didn't see anywhere that my Sis referenced "Bill Clinton's misconduct in the Whitehouse" or Who the sucky(I agree) nominees are.
What I did see, and I will translate for you....

"Idiot has caused so much harm and jepordized the future to such an extent that even normal schmoes that usually just sit and let things happen to them, have pulled their heads out of the sand and are working to replace him with someone who is most UN-like him."

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Look please here

Wayswin said...

Don't clik Fox's Link!
Its a trap.