Saturday, February 21, 2009

Brushing Away The Cobwebs from the Ole' Blog

People, I've been busy...if there is anyone left to notice.

Some comments in bullets:
  • Work - I am doing some of the best, most important work of my life. I am making a difference in the life of children and teachers. What I am doing moves the human race forward. Does this matter in the long run? Perhaps not. All that may matter is that raising money is almost impossible in this economy. Sad...
  • Kelsey - was very very sick two weeks ago with the flu. I picked her up from daycare and her temp was over 102. I had to do everything in my power not to lose my mind and break down, but she was sick and scared. We got her to the emergency Ped, who said it was a virus - but it turned out to be the flu...Kurt took a few days, I got sick myself and took a day and my MIL also came over and spent a few days with us taking care of our girl. She's back to perfect health - except she's a bit anemic, so we're upping her iron intake.
  • We passed 3 year anniversary of our referral for the Angel Face...I really need to update this for her again. 1/25/06 was our amazing day!
  • I filled all the vacancies for CHATS this year, I had to bust a move to get this done. Wasn't really fun this time...
  • Kelsey's ballet class is incredibly enjoyable for her and for me.
  • I'm keeping the down-low on spending right now...I need to save more of what I make and figure out how to make more.
  • Kelsey is now completely potty trained. It's liberating and fun for us
  • She is a pretty great conversationalist. I cannot believe this child can hold a complete chat and have opinions. it's so fun!
  • I got lost in Irvington (not a good place to be lost in!) on Tuesday. I thought I was making a legal lefthand turn,but it turns out the sun was in my eyes and I was wrong. A cop pulled me over...I was lost for a while and upset about it and the cop surprised me and started blaring his shrill horn and freaked me out...while I was pulling over I bumped another car parked on the street. My first accident since I was 25...a very very long time ago! After the cop gave me the ticket he asked me what I planned to do about the bump. Seriously it was a small dent and a scratch. A man came out of a store claiming to own the car and I said let's go through insurance and the cop didn't want to write this up! So, no one gave me any info, but I said I would pay for the repair if it wasn't the cost of the deductable. I was very very rattled and should have insisted on more information and taken photos of the car/liscense plate (stupid girl) so his "cousin" called me and said the cost was $650!!!!! I said NO WAY and then he said he'd get another quote...the original guy called me a few minutes later and said he would go to the police again...and I said go ahead, cause I'm going to call them myself and report this through insurance....I can't believe I was so stupid and trusting. ARGH!!!!!!
  • Today my org had a special event for the top achievers of our Drive Service Event. Our partner was an org called Soaring Words. Soaring Words created quilts and pillows and has students draw on them and post inspirational words. The quilts and pillows are then delivered to chronically ill children. We did this today with 40 students and went to the hospital and met some of the children. It was an amazing powerful event, and made me feel so very blessed to have a healthy happy child. Also, it reminded me of the 100 good wishes quilt that we made Kelsey while waiting for her.
  • A powerful quote from Robert Zend was used in our event today. Simple, but important.

There are too many people, and too few human beings.

How many human beings do you know? I had a great time today with about 40 of them!