Sunday, June 15, 2008

3 Word Sunday...

It's every where all over the net, but so true...
Happy Father's Day to an amazing Daddy, Husband and Friend.

I am a very lucky woman to have you for a husband.

I'm missing my own Daddy this day as well (as well as my FIL) as yesterday would have been my parents' 50th anniversary (my Dad passed away almost 6 years ago) but they made it to 45 years.

So Happy Father's Day to all the Dads, especially Kurt, Michael and Jimmy. And for Kurt Sr. and my Dad, Frank, hopefully you had an extra special day in Heaven today.


Friday, June 06, 2008

A post for Jimmy and Kurt

For boys that like to play war or hunt, there's a cool website I just found that sells all kinds of night vision goggles, hunting supplies and military gear.

My baby brother used to enjoy hunting (I think boating has replaced this passion) but I told him I used to pray that he wouldn't hit anything when he shot...and to this day (I believe him!) he actually never got a deer, moose or anything large.. No boating stuff on this site, but you'll still enjoy the summer "manly arts" promoted. Funny thing is, when Jim was in the Coast Guard, he won medals in marksmanship....hmmmm...maybe I don't believe him, although I never saw a Bambi or Moosehead in ME.

Kurt, on the other hand, is a Navy Man. Loves the camo, gun stuff...etc. I'm anti gun. We definately cancel each other out. There's a lot of stuff on this site he might really enjoy dreaming about. Enjoy the fantasy honey!

However, if the "Manly arts" don't appeal, you can buy binoculars and other things for fun summer hobbies like birdwatching. My Mom loves to birdwatch.

Boots....does a workin' body good!

I absolutely subscribe to the philosophy that you need to wear clothing that suits your work/life style. I wear professional clothes to my office, play clothes on the weekends, swimsuits when I swim and I wear appropriate gear when working in my garden.

If your work or lifestyle requires you to wear work boots, look no further. You can get boots for hard work, light work or anything in between.

Nothing is harder than working a long day in footwear that doesn't quite suit the job...enjoy the comfort (and style) of a well made, right for the job shoe.

Hey, it's not Prada or Manolo, but you can't pitch hay or dig out a garden bed in stilletos!

Happy shopping!

Monday, June 02, 2008

3 Word Sunday One Day Late, plus extra photos!


Well, we had a lovely relaxing weekend. And we now have a Robot in our home. I decided to make a little splurge because of the God the hair Tana is shedding lately!

Anyway, we've named it Robot, R2, Data and now Kelsey has dubbed it Princess. She is in love with the thing. Except when it is coming at her.

We like it, not sure if we love it yet. I have 2 weeks to decide if we'll keep it. It's done a pretty good job on most of the floors, but our main problem is our bedroom with a deep burgundy rug. It is cool for us to have a robot cleaning. And it talks too!

Anyway...for the extra bonus photos...Kelsey's Aunt Liz has a special gift in mind for her birthday that requires a head shot. Well, asking Kelsey to pose for a photo is like trying to herd cats...or 2 year olds! here are some of the out takes from our photo session tonight.

Ah....the joys of living with the Angel Face!