Friday, July 15, 2011


I have to say that summer 2011 is fairly happy. The reason for all this bliss? Kelsey of course :) And having the time and some resources to enjoy her sweetness. Let me delve into Kelsey's personality for a minute. She wakes up happy...wanting to know what she is doing that day. She snuggles with me and then she wants her Daddy...craving the tickles and fun he brings. The minute she wakes up, she wants to "watch her show" (and sometimes I cave ---it's always Nick Jr.)
Kelsey enjoys her life. She skips and dances when she could walk, she says "hello" to everyone she meets and she has a smile on her face while she does it. Yesterday in the middle of walking Maddie (the dog) we stopped to speak with a neighbor. He was pulling weeds in his lawn and Kelsey quickly stepped in to lend a hand. She did a good job and he paid her a hearty thanks and gave her a quarter. She thanked him without me prompting her :) Kelsey is a social child and enjoys making new friends. We began a daycare/camp two weeks ago and when she enters the space, kids yell out "hey, it's KELSEY!" (one child saw me and didn't see her first and asked me if I brought her :) Her Camp Leader says she makes friends easily and adjusts well to new situations. Tomorrow is her last day at Trini Camp (where she'll attend her new school) and she has told me (again smiling) this is HER school now and she likes it! She's attending a cooking class and enjoying making food.
Next week we begin swim lessons at our county pool. We are looking forward to them. Tomorrow, after camp, I am taking her to Pottery Barn Kids for a Doll Tea Party. She's really looking forward to it.
Since I've last blogged, Kelsey graduated from Kindergarden, started camp, started her reading program and turned SIX with a birthday extravaganza. It is my joy and privledge to raise this child....I still can't believe she's really mine to love and cherish...and she's the happiest person I know. If I could bottle her love of life and happiness...well life would be sweeter for us all! Here are a few photos from the last few weeks in the very happy life of the very happy Kelsey Hoppe!