Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Post Thanksgiving...

4 months have passed and I think this year I will reach my all time blogging low.  I'm just sitting around bored and watching an old movie, so I thought I'd catch up on my posts...Since we last saw each other....

  • I'm working more now, almost full time.  Sometimes I'm in Westchester cty NY, which is a long drive.
  • Kurt gifted me with a lovely new car, a Honda CRV.  Kelsey and I named her Fancy (as in Fancy Nancy) and yes she is very Fancy.
  • We had our annual reunion with our China Travel Group in October at the Lillis' home in CT.  We had such a great time and the girls and guys loved playing together!
  • We finished summer and Kelsey began first grade.  She likes school and is beginning to make new friends.  That being said, we are having some challenges with one of her K friends.  Trying to work it out to what's best for the kids. 
  • I am looking for a tutor for Kelsey again.  She struggles with reading and math.  We'll get there eventually.
  • The family grew again this fall, as my BIL Rich and SIL Liz welcomed new son Marshall Owen at the end of October into their family.  He's a cutie and I think we'll be making a road trip in Jan.  We finally were able to get to MD and meet baby Ellie (who turned one) in August.
  • We had some electrical work done on the house and had it painted.  Looks fabulous now and we haven't had to reset the breaker in months!
  • We had a hurricane in August that dumped a foot of water into the basement.  and had a freak snowstorm in Oct.  Global warming indeed.
  • Kelsey started her 4th year of ballet.  I may be prejudiced, but she is a very graceful dancer.
  • In September, we began our first year of Brownies.  Looks like it's going to be fun!
  • Kelsey hosted a Halloween party for her K classmates - it was a blast!
  • We hosted Thanksgiving here with my Sister's family.  We had a great day.
  • Maddie is one now and such a joy to us all.  She is a bit of a chewer, but such a love sponge.
  • Kelsey lost her first two teeth this summer.  They were the center bottoms and her adult teeth were growing right behind them.  They filled in nicely.