Monday, June 29, 2009

On the job front....

Janet....great new job, hired same day

Kurt....great new job, hired over the phone after being recommended by several contacts

JoAnn....job interview tomorrow...fantastic position!

God, please, can I have this? I need to work and this is a great job helping girls become tomorrow's leaders!
Pretty please? With Sugar On it?
I have most of my friends on Facebook sending prayers and good thoughts on this...if bloggy readers who like me and would like my family to continue to have a stable life, please send your own good thoughts/prayers.

God...Pink is NOT you well know.

Friday, June 05, 2009


There is a blogger whom I've been following for about 2 years now. She is an infertile woman who desperately wants to be pregnant. I originally liked her blog because she blogs about this topic, home improvement, decorating and gardening. I've emailed back n forth with her because I have mentioned to her in the past that *FOR ME* the pain of infertility was over when we began the process to adopt Kelsey.

Lately, however, her blog has taken a turn for the worse...whiny, complaining and bitchy. For me the final straw came tonight when I saw this on her blog....I am nauseous and disgusted by her entitlement attitude. And the coward hides behind zero comments and emails. I am posting part of her post today because I her to know that is she ever reads my blog that this is NOT don't call adoption "BUYING A BABY."

Now, don't get me wrong, I completely understand the fact that this woman is tortured by the fact that she cannot get pregnant and really wants a biological child. She has every right to persue this avenue. However, by her post below she clearly feels adoption is last choice and beneath her. This is what I object to (besides her insisting on her Mom paying for treatments when she is a non working housewife.)

So Lori...I am getting uber bitchy here because your post really ticked me off and I have ZERO ways to tell you so you will understand...let me spell it out for you because clearly you are not intelligent or mature enough to understand subtlety:

1) No one owes you a baby...your Mom doesn't have to pay for your fertility treatments. Put on big girl panties and get a job to pay for it yourself.
2) Adoption is for people who want to parent a child....NOT BUYING A BABY!!!!! For that statement alone you should be denied the RIGHT to adopt if you EVER choose to go down that path.
3) This kind of statement sets adoption and adoptees back decades. The ignorance is not to be believed!!!!!
4) Stop whining and complaining about everyone else's pregnancy! Women get pregnant and want to celebrate it! If you finally conceive would YOU want someone complaining about YOUR baby?

Seriously, get some help for your mental health. I am so glad I don't know you personally, because I would NEVER EVER allow you near MY child...

My blood is boiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Freaking COWARD to not allow people to protest this!

This is the very selfish Lori her finest.....

"I'm very curious about the adoption process but I'm not ready to adopt yet (or ever). I really want my own child with my and my husband's genes. And I feel like I deserve every opportunity that I have to make that happen. And when everything is gone, every hope is gone, then maybe I'll think about adoption, but it's not on the radar right now. And I feel like once again my friend is thrusting adoption on me like what I'm going through is a waste of energy and it's not. It means everything to me. Seriously, I feel sometimes so lost when I think about not ever getting pregnant, and never knowing what it feels like to have the belly that T has, the intimacy that she and her husband have sharing this experience, and going through labor and that final moment when the baby is born, and to never look down and see a reflection of myself and my husband in our baby, I feel like I'll crack, that I won't make it, that it's too much to withhold from me, it's too much to bear. So to reject that and say, hey why go through the trouble, just buy someone else's baby, isn't helpful. And I don't even think that's how the email was intended to be but it's how it felt. I feel like, once again, I have no one to turn to when I feel so empty, no one understands."