Monday, December 17, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary School - Newtown, CT.

The most heartbreaking newstory I have ever heard or hope to ever hear.  A mentally ill young man broken into a school in a small town in CT and shot 26 people killing every single one of them.  The heinous-ness of it is that 20 of the people who died were 6 and 7 years old. 

I saw this on my FB feed and I was shocked to my soul.  when I got home I turned on the TV and it just kept getting worse.  As I sat there with big fat tears streaming down my cheeks, I longed to hug Kelsey but I wasn't afraid for her.  I felt she was safe in her school.  This wasn't an attack on America, it was one sick sick young man who murdered many in his hometown (including his Mother and himself). 

The situation got worse on FB.  People were posting about "guns being personal freedoms" learning the difference between semi automatic and automatic weapons (who gives a rat's behind! A gun is a gun and if you own one I don't want you near me or my child unless you are a police officer or a military man!).

I deleted a few "friends" who offended me in their selfishness (one showed a photo of some evil looking gun and said "Merry Christmas to me!) DELETED!  I have too many FB "friends" that have nothing in common other than adoption or something and I am going to be looking with a very critical eye to my friends' list.  Some of the responses made me sick.  

I hate guns, HATE them....and stop the friggin' violence on TV and in the movies and video games.  It desensitizes them to how horrible the concept/execution of killing someone is.

And yes, America needs to talk about mental health issues/gun issues and safety in the schools.  We can't let this happen to any child again.  We told Kelsey about it on Sunday evening, so she'd be prepared if someone discussed it at school.  She asked some good questions and then didn't mention it again.  Today when I asked her, she told me that Sister Maureen told the school what had happened and they prayed about it.  She asked me for the story again, so I told it to her again.  I asked her to look for the people who could help and also reminded her about Stranger Danger and what to do if she was separated from me or her Dad - which is a bigger concern to us than someone shooting up her school.

America is becoming a scarier place by the day....please, let's take some action!

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Shock of Shocks, I am alive and kickin'

Facebook has removed most of the reasons I've blogged over the past few years, but Kelsey is doing a project on her life and I was so happy that we have all our postings up for her to review/read/enjoy that I felt guilty that i haven't posted in OVER one year.

Okay, I'm not that interested in catching you up, but will topline it for you.  We are alive, healthy (we've all had colds/viruses/etc.) and no one has been born or died in our family since I last wrote in this space.  Win/win.

December is a very exciting month for our family.  We started out attending our very first OCA ball last weekend.  Everyone had a great time and it was a lot of fun to get dressed up and dance.  Kelsey danced her brains out with her FCC Sisters.  We had a blast!


Kelsey has been riding (as in horseback) since this past Spring.  She is quite good for someone of her age/size/number of lessons.  She would rather ride than breathe :)   She rides weekly.


NEXT weekend, Kelsey is appearing IN the Nutcracker.  It's a local production, for her new dance studio, BDT. She is a Gum Drop and will be adorable! We moved there this past September, as I thought she needed a bit more advanced instruction.  Good decision, lovely people, very dedicated.

Kelsey is currently in 2nd grade at Holy Trinity in Westfield.  It is a lovely school, but not quite right for Kelsey.  We are currently assessing our options and quite frankly I'm nervous about the choices.  I wish I had more better choices.  We'll see.

Our tree is up, the outside of the house is decorated.  I'm done shopping for the most part. (Horses, American Girl, Barbie, La-De-Dah and MORE horses!) Tomorrow we have Breakfast with Santa and we'll head to the mall to see him in his usual spot.  Monday night is our annual photo session featuring Maddie the Puppy who is now 2!  Cheyenne is still around too, kickin' it at 15.5~

History wise,  we elected President Obama for another term this past November and we had a horrific tropical storm hit NJ/NY right before Halloween.  Sandy, that bitch, did some real damage to our beloved state, but we were sooooo very lucky and we only lost power for 2 days and we were not flooded nor did anything fall on our property. It was a scary time though.

We've had an interesting year, full of ups and downs.  Throughout it all, we stuck it out as our little family of three.  We love our life, but I dearly wish for just one more bathroom and a few more closets.  Recently our Powerball hit over half a billion dollars and we did play.  One of my FB friends from Missouri won half of it.  She's the Mom of a 6 year old from China....Thrilled for her, but wish it had been would have been cool to spend New Year's on Maui ;)

I promise to spend some more time blogging for your pleasure~