Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kelsey Begins Ballet

Kelsey, last Saturday was a dream come true for your Mommy. When I was a little girl I wanted to take dancing lessons, but MY Mom didn't think I meant it (plus I was a chubby girl) so I never got to do it. But I always thought that ballet was absolutely beautiful. 14 years ago I sat in a dark hot auditorium in Oakland and watched your cousin Alyssa being led onto the stage dressed as a fluffy little ducky with her own dance class. I sat there every year she performed until she didn't want to do it anymore. Every single year I cried, hoping I'd have the opportunity to watch my own daughter dance...and on Saturday I was able to fulfill that desire. Now, I didn't get to watch much dancing...but these pictures are so precious to me. We had a lotof fun shopping for her dance wardrobe and buying the most adorable pale pink ballet slippers.

Kelsey loves to dance and has been excited about taking dance lessons for a while now. We are so fortunate to be able to give her these things...and she really enjoyed herself. She even showed me a "new move" from her dance class. Not that I'm prejudiced or anything, but our girl is graceful and flexible. I hope she enjoys this and does well...but even if she's a spazz, she'll always have these memories.

A seriously beautiful dancer
Gracefully executing her steps (prior to a single class!)
With her class
Future Prima Ballerinas and future good friends!
The little girl sitting next to Kelsey is her friend Maeve, who is the daughter of my good friends Gretchen and Tom. The little girl on the left is Maeve's good friend Kelsie. All 3 girls are born in the same month, July 2005. The little girl in the middle is Alaina who is a classmate and friend of Maeve and Kelsie's.

Pre-school is still going well. Added bonus is that Kelsey is falling asleep well before 9pm every night. SCORE!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kelsey's First Day of Pre-School

I took the morning off so I could send my pre-schooler off in style! We woke up at 7am and she began singing with happiness that she was going to pre-school and would play and learn to count and learn her colors.

We had breakfast and then came up and got dressed. After she was dressed, Kelsey looked in the mirror and proclaimed that her adorable kitty shirt was for "babies" and she demanded a big-girl shirt! She knocked my socks off with that reply, but we quickly found a replacement (her sparkly monkey shirt apparently fit the "big-girl" category.)

Then we finished packing her lunch and her school backpack. LOL it was too heavy for her to carry! But she kept her spirits very high indeed!

We drove to the school singing and arrived at the school. Kelsey ran to the other children in the line and said "here I am friends!" and couldn't wait for her turn to go into the classroom. Finally (for her) the doors opened and the kids lined up in the hallway. Kelsey couldn't wait to go into the classroom and barely stopped to give me a hug and kiss goodbye. I turned away, holding back a few tiny tears and went to the "boo-hoo" breakfast (I only had coffee!) and chatted with the other parents there. All the kids in Kelsey's class did great and I left after an hour. Whew!
(however, the school director warned that pre-schoolers often have delayed crying and next week and the week after would be the real test)

After work I rushed back to pick up our pre-schooler from the aftercare program. I was told that Kelsey did very well (although she doesn't like kids in her "space") and we went home. Kelsey fell asleep in the car (a 5 minute ride) and slept the whole night through missing dinner. When I opened her backpack I found that she didn't eat very much lunch either. I am going to write the teacher a note...Kelsey is a good eater and was probably distracted...she didn't eat much breakfast either. Our girl can't miss meals...she's a peanut!

Kelsey had a great first day at school and is looking forward to tomorrow when she goes back.
Tomorrow I will fill you in on Kelsey's first day of dancing school...another home run! :)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

I'm Blissfully Domestic!

Well, don't fall on the floor laughing or anything...what I mean by that is I have been asked to be a contributor for an online magazine called Blissfully Domestic in their home/gardening category.

I have had 2 posts up already and am really enjoying writing about the art of creating a warm and friendly home.

Please check out and send a comment or 2 my way if you like it!

I highly recommend poking around the site, but if you MUST read my contributions, you can find them here:

I do have to say it is awfully nice to see my name in a bi-line. :)
But seriously, check out all the sections...we have some amazing women contributing to this magazine!

btw, I leave for DC tomorrow for a short (35 hour) trip and Kelsey has said to be at least 6 times..."You go on business trip?" and when I say yes, she says "You miss me?" It breaks my heart every single time...of course I hug her and tell her yes and that she has to be brave for Daddy because he'll be sad....

I presume this gets easier...but I am not happy about boarding that train tomorrow!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Another Day, Another Year Older *Updated*

Yes, Bloggyland, I am another year older today. My real problem, as I have explained to numerous folks in the "real world" is that I am living the life of a 35 year old, but am definitely NOT 35. Oh well, nothing can ever change that I am not a good number (in fact, there was no number I really liked after 33 anyway)

Onto the photos!

Birthday Dinner
Our Brave Girl on a Pony!
Obviously this is not The Renaissance Festival! We decided to go to Turtle Back Zoo today instead. Kelsey's First Carousel ride where she's not riding in the sled!
My very cute and not dark hair! Kelsey is pondering the question when Mommy asked her "I know I am fat, but do I look "old?"
Eating the worms in her "dirty" dessert!

On Sunday evening we went to a block party at our good friends house. We had an amazing time, great food, wonderful friends and fantastic music! Little Kelsey and I really danced up a storm. Thanks Sue for inviting us!

Kelsey and I baked cupcakes, frosted them and decorated them for the party. She's so funny. When I let her cook or bake with me, I pull up a kitchen chair and put a pillow on it so she doesn't slip. As soon as I mentioned it was time to bake, she went right over, pulled the chair and got the same pillow. She has an incredible memory --when she wants to.

Oh, and we have an "official" potty trainer on board...she's gone almost twice a day (except for today when we were out all day) I am betting within one month she's done :)

We decided that a full size or twin bed really won't fit in her room, so we're just going to replace her bedding with Ariel Mermaid and get an inflatable mattress for her room, so we can sleep in there until she feels comfortable. She knows we want her to sleep in her own room and she wants to...she just can't do it without me currently.

What a great weekend! We had a blast!

**Updated and a very happy birthday to my BIL Michael, good friend Ashley, Mrs. P and anyone else lucky enough to share a special day on Sept. 1****