Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Playroom fit for a Princess!

named who had so many toys, they were taking over her family's living spaces. Her Mommy, the Queen thought she might be able to make a playroom in the basement, but it looked like this:

which, as you can see, was a pretty dreary, dirty and sad place...no place for a beautiful Princess to play with all her pretty toys!

But the Queen was determined...and worked every week in the basement for months...throwing out stuff, organizing and cleaning the room up...until it was finally ready for some paint. So she painted the walls a cheery yellow and blue. And epoxied the floor so it looked like a sandy beach...the Queen also had some furniture from her Mom's house and wanted the room to look like a whimsical beach house plus toy storage.

Finally the room was ready for the little Princess....and here is what she saw:

This is the dress-up corner, where the Princess and all her Princess friends get to change into their costumes, wear tiaras and pretty sparkly Tiaras and jewelry and pose in from of the mirrors.

This is where the Princess plays with her doll houses and stores the Royal Barbies, Polly Pocket and My Little Pony Paraphanalia This is the main game/storage wall where the Princess can see everything she can play with all at once. We never realized how many games we had until we put them all on display.

This is the Royal Papasan Chair that the Queen found on Craiglist. The Princess adores this chair and has dubbed it the "hot tub" at her Beach House. You can see the Princess adores her new playroom and is having lots of fun rediscovering all the toys we organized.

This was my Mom's couch and table and chairs, which set the beachy theme for this room. The blue/white curtains are shower curtains which I hung from eye screws and rope from the ceiling joists. I chose shower curtains because this is a basement that we have lots of storage hiding behind. I can slide the curtains back and grab what I need.
Even Ariel likes to hang out in the new playroom now.

And the Queen is thrilled that all the Royal toys are no longer hanging out in the Royal living room!

The End (or really, the beginning of lots of new playdates in the new playroom!)