Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The night before Kelsey graduates Kindergarten

She is blissfully asleep, but is kicking the heck out of me. I'm so excited for Kelsey - she is making such a big step to graduate K and leave the safety and comfort of the Giving Nest. My Baby is growing up and I am delighted in how wonderfully smart and talented she is. I'm also sad that my Baby is growing every Mom most likely is.

Kelsey's first Teacher at the Giving Nest caught me this AM and asked me if I was going to cry...silly Kelly...OF course I'm going to cry Baby is literally leaving the NEST! :)

I've said this for the last two years, I can't believe how wonderful her class is this year. Every child is great and she's made some Fantastic Friends this year. Adult Kelsey reading this, please smile at the memory of Emily, Alyssa, Catherine, Jasmine, Lily, Cadence, Ben, Ameer, Adian, Liam, Paul, and Joe. What a great group of friends you've made this year!

I spent about 4 months planning her Summer this year. We have joined our county pool (which looks like a country club!) and I signed her up for swimming lessons. She's going to Trini-Camp in July and at the end of June will start a 6 week program at Rutger's Continuing Education. Kelsey is close to reading....she knows all her letters and sounds, she needs to make the leap to putting them together and sounding them out. We have a tutor until August and also she'll spend 2 days each week at GMB's "camp" which focuses on education. She should have a fabulous summer and go into first grade happy and prepped for learning.

I'm excited about this next step of her education. Holy Trinity is an excellent school (poised for blue ribbon next year) and with the small class sizes (only 2 classes per grade and about 15 children in each class) it's a comfortable next step in her independence. I don't think I would ever have a comfort level in throwing her into a large public school where there are 5 classes in each grade of 25 students.

On the horizon for next week, Kelsey has a flying up to Brownies ceremony after spending a fun year as a Daisy Scout. Next Friday night is her dance recital and on July 9th she'll have a double birthday party (afternoon for her friends and evening for her family). We also have a lot of friends' parties coming up too....we are busy busy!!!!

Speaking of Family....this time of year I am missing my Mom dreadfully. She should be here front and center for all the fun things going on in her Granddaughter's life. I am so sad and missing her...especially when I will see all her friends' Grandmother's watching their little darlings Graduate, Fly up, and Dance.

Thank Goodness Kurt has been able to take the time for tomorrow and will be attending Kelsey's graduation. He had to miss her Pre-K one last year, so we were hoping things would be different and they are! :)

I'm leaving you with some photos of my baby as she started her school career and now :)

Kelsey's first day of Pre-School as a Ducking in 2009

Kelsey was a Cardinal in Sept 2010

Kelsey graduated from Pre-K (only a year ago!)

Her first day in Kindergarten (she was a Senior in her school!)

Just taken last week.....

Peace out!