Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another 3 Months Go By....

We have:

  • A pre-school graduate, a bonified 5 year old and a beautiful dancer who performed in an amazing show in June.

  • celebrated Kelsey's 5th birthday at a children's museum, down the shore riding on all the rides, at a stable with all her special friends and with cake, cupcakes and chinese food.

  • more pink and Barbie "stuff" in our living room than you can imagine!

  • had a load of fun at friends' parties this month with another one next weekend.

  • had a goodbye party/baby shower for BIL and SIL who have moved to Maryland this month

  • suffered through a bout of strep and a relapse (Kelsey)

  • celebrated the graduations of my nieces and nephew - Alyssa who graduated HS and is about to start college, Mikey who has graduated middle school and is about to enter HS and Marina who has graduated elementary school and is about to enter Middle School.

  • made the sad decision to put Mom in a Hospice Situation. Her doctors said there is no longer anything they can do for her and we are making her as comfortable as possible.

  • sold her house (closing next week) and will spend this upcoming weekend packing up her life (and my Dad's as well) so thankful I will have my brother and sister (and their spouses plus Kurt and Kelsey) along for this very sad surreal time.

  • p>I am:

  • Happy to be able to escape to work, where I can make someone's life better by doing my job

  • Sad because Kelsey is not happy that I work every day. She misses me and the time we had together last year and tells me so often.

  • excited to be going on vacation for the first time in 2 years! we are planning to go to Dutch Wonderland for a few days...nothing major but it will be fun

  • thrilled with my pre-birthday present - a Nikon D3000 with a few lenses. I am really enjoying how much better my photography has become!

  • grateful and thankful for the people who have stepped up with offers to help out in our times of need (and we have needed a lot this year)

  • not thrilled to be turning a big bad number shortly...the countdown to 50 has started!

  • amused to be going camping to the first time at the end of summer with our China Travel Group...should make for some "interesting stories"

  • enjoying spending my time with Kelsey...she's amazing and the most important person in our lives

  • having a personal battle with anger and trying to let it go and find forgiveness...so far anger is not in the lead..but other days...

  • obsessed with making the basement into a casual toy room...gonna take lots of work!

  • sad about my crispy garden. we have had scorching days and when Kelsey was ill it I couldn't water outside.

  • already missing my Mom...I have had some major sob fests during what should be happy times I get to share with her and over some scary stuff and some sad stuff where I could use her wisdom. Mom doesn't know us anymore and struggles to put more than 2 words together. I have struggled with every emotion imaginable

  • Enjoy the photos of my favorite subject taken with my new toy!