Friday, June 06, 2008

A post for Jimmy and Kurt

For boys that like to play war or hunt, there's a cool website I just found that sells all kinds of night vision goggles, hunting supplies and military gear.

My baby brother used to enjoy hunting (I think boating has replaced this passion) but I told him I used to pray that he wouldn't hit anything when he shot...and to this day (I believe him!) he actually never got a deer, moose or anything large.. No boating stuff on this site, but you'll still enjoy the summer "manly arts" promoted. Funny thing is, when Jim was in the Coast Guard, he won medals in marksmanship....hmmmm...maybe I don't believe him, although I never saw a Bambi or Moosehead in ME.

Kurt, on the other hand, is a Navy Man. Loves the camo, gun stuff...etc. I'm anti gun. We definately cancel each other out. There's a lot of stuff on this site he might really enjoy dreaming about. Enjoy the fantasy honey!

However, if the "Manly arts" don't appeal, you can buy binoculars and other things for fun summer hobbies like birdwatching. My Mom loves to birdwatch.


Wayswin said...

While they might be fun to have... night vision goggles are not leagal hunting equipment.... you can't hunt at nite...

And it is true... I never saw a deer with antlers at the same time I held my rifle.

Colleen said...

Hey there!!! Just dropping by to let you know you've been tagged : ) visit my blog for details.