Sunday, February 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Alyssa

My very first niece is now 16! She's the reason I decided I wanted to be a parent. We're celebrating a la familia on Friday. This photo was taken Christmas Eve and shows all the Kelsey's cousins. Alyssa is on the left hand side :)
Alyssa has always been a very determined girl...from the time she was little until now. She's also the family fashionista and is anxiously awaiting that teenage milestone...her driver's license!

Kelsey has a cold and cough. We visited her Pediatrician yesterday who said everything was fine. She's happy and playing, but has a cough and a runny nose. Plus a slight fever this evening.

She was so grown up at the Dr's yesterday! She let the dr. listen to her heart, look in her ears and mouth! Amazing!

Want to hear something amazing? Last night Kelsey whispered something to me "wanna know a secret?" I sure did.... leaning closer she whispered "I'm a Mermaid" and happily went to sleep.

Here's to a lifetime of shared whisperings in the night with my daughter

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