Friday, February 15, 2008


Transitioning from a SAHM to a full time Working Mom has been a little rougher than I realized. I miss my daughter during the day and while I have great comfort that she is well taken care of, I miss her dreadfully.

And work is busy. It's good because it's pushing me past my comfort zone a bit. I am meeting the major players in Newark. I am running in and out of the office quite a bit. And staying later than I thought I would. This is causing me to do the white-knuckle 5:55pm speed down route 22 to get to the daycare before 6pm. NOT Cool.

I'm torn because while I need to work for more reasons than I care to list, I don't want to. I want the flexibility of my schedule to clean, do laundry and errands when I want to. And I get grumpy because I can spend a few hours cleaning a room only to have it look like a disaster again soon after. And cooking every night is challenging.

We had some family photos and Kelsey photos taken recently. Goodness, they came out incredible. She's so photogenic and I'm so happy with her attitude. She's a happy happy girl.

I had another topic listed under the original posting, but realized I made a HUGE error in reading the posting where I pulled the topic, so I am deleting it. And I made an apology on the blog where I misread it. Bad JoAnn....

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