Saturday, February 23, 2008

Why I Support Hilary Clinton for President

Rising to the challenge of a comment made earlier in the week, I'd like to offer the positive reasons why I support Senator Clinton as President

1) I feel a comfort and trust level with Senator Clinton that I don't feel with the other candidates running. She's a proven winner who is tough and aggressive when necessary, but as a wife and Mom has an empathetic quality that I feel would be beneficial to our country. We all know that Bill Clinton embarassed her during his administration. She not only held her head up high and continued with her marriage, she managed to rise above it and successfully forge her own successful career in politics. How many of us could have taken that hit and not only survived with grace, but flourished? And, I feel that her past (and it's not HER wrongdoings that are being trotted out by the other candidates, it's Bill's) belong in the past.
2) As a woman, I feel it is important to have role models who are female. Women are 51% of the population of the United States and I feel it is time that we elect our first woman President.
3) Senator Clinton has proved herself to be a supporter of all of America - race, nationalities, religions and sex. I feel that many of her former minority supporters are now backing another candidate because he is a minority and they want to see a minority elected as much as I want to see a woman elected.
4) Senator Clinton has the unique experience of experiencing a Govenorship and a Presidency as the closest personal advisor of the sitting Gov and President (2 term) and has also successfully been elected a Senator. Additionally, if elected, President Clinton would have as HER closest advisor, a successful Gov and 2 term President. Yes, Bill isn't the most faithful husband, but he's a damn smart guy and an expert in foreign relations.
3) Senator Clinton supports issues that are close to my heart:
a) Women's rights - too many households in the US are female head of house, and if we do the same's only right that we receive parity. I had an instance a few years ago when I didn't have parity in my job and I fought hard and won a promotion and a significant raise. When Kelsey begins her Neurosurgeon/Concert Pianist Careers, I want her to make the same $$$ as her male equiliviant.
b) Senator Clinton's platform to strengthen the middle class makes sense to me. As a citizen of a state where it is challenging to live comfortably on a low six figure income, it is vital that our middle class becomes more stable. I believe the US is rapidly becoming a rich-poor nation and much of the hard work that our nation depends on (teachers, nurses, truck drivers, firemen, police) are the middle class. What happens to us?
b) Senator Clinton's website speaks eloquently about adoption reform in the US. How could I an adoptive Mom support a Candidate that didn't think it was important to address the issue at all?
c) Education - Sen Obama wants to "reform" but keep the No Child Left Behind, possibly the worst program ever invented. The Schools I work with are buried under the strain of trying to meet the lowest level of reading/math scores and can't even teach some of the other important courses like science and history (trust me, I talk to teachers in urban communities a lot!) Create a better program!
d)Healthcare - Unfortunately (see reasons above) during my layoff, I have been without health insurance for almost 7 months now (5 more weeks until my benefits kick in!) thank goodness I am a healthy and LUCKY person! (Kelsey and Kurt are fully was just too expensive for his tiny co to add me) If Senator Clinton's Healthcare plan adds more people to the list that don't have to stress out about every little cough then I am all for it!

To sum it up, a Tough, Class Act who has taken a fall from grace and come up a winner. Great platform, history and experience rolled into one talented woman.

So, now I've used my freedom of speech on my own blog to express my own ideas and thoughts. I ask for thoughtful respectful comments and also wish for folks who may not agree with me to not hide under the anonymous title.


Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Right on lady!! I feel very strongly about this as well and I appreciate you using your blog to spread the message. I am been e-mailing everyone I know who is pro Hillary to ask for their financial support in this crucial time.


Anonymous said...

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