Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Addressing a Few More Political Issues and then back to business as usual~

First of all, thank you to all the posters that made comments. Please don't feel you have to be anonymous, I do not bash others for their opinions. We should all have them.

I thank you also for being courteous to my opinion on my blog. I do not want to make this blog a political one, but I will address some questions raised. These are my own views, so again respect is important to me.

Sometimes I feel like I am the biggest oxymoron. I am a Republican woman working in a very liberal environment. My last 2 jobs were deep in the heart of cities who are extremely challenged to keep their citizens safe and well educated.

1) I believe that you can be a member of a party and not support every issue a candidate supports. I support McCain over the other Republicans running. I realize that most Republicans seem to be pro-life it almost seems to be that you can't run for office if you are a pro-choice Republican. I can separate this component from the rest of his platform. Some folks can't and that's fine.

2) I did what another poster asked and took a look at McCain's platform on Human dignity. John McCain is an adoptive parent - an international adoptive parent. He gets what is closest to my heart. There are things I can overlook (like the stance on gay marriage, stem cell resarch...again I think Republicans almost have to take an oath on things they will support if they's all the party mantra) if I have a key issue I can latch onto. Do I want McCain to win over Hillary? No. Will I support him over Obama? Yes. I agree with his policies on Internet predators and pornography.

My Husband, my Father, and my Brother were all in the military. I am proud that they all served. When I see a soldier, marine or sailor out and about I take the time to thank them for serving this country.

3) I find it very interesting that Obama is clearly leading in most of the caucases. I believe the caucus is a much harder/more intense look at the issues than our normal primaries.

4) I agree with the poster that said Obama has shaken up this election and lit a fire under the American people. I think that he a man gifted with great vision. The problem I have with that is that visionaries are not the best leaders of men. I speak from experience as I have worked with people who have been great visionaries but couldn't translate that to the mechanisms of business. (think about how many people you may know who are great thinkers/very booksmart but lack common sense!)

I think the right leader for us right now if a person who has vision, experience and leadership qualities. Our country is in a precarious situation and is hungry for change. The challenge is to temper change with experience and the right skills set. My personal belief is that person right now is Hillary. I feel frustrated that this should have been "her time" she's really fighting a tough fight. I'm glad she took the big 4 states last night; NJ, CA and NY and MA. Even with the celebrities jumping on the Obama bandwagon, people still chose her.

5) My final political comment tonight is for the poster who commented how Caroline Kennedy has raised millions for NY schools. I am a Development Professional. I have worked in the non profit world for 4 of my 12 years in marketing. I can raise a million dollars for the right cause very easily and I am NOT rich and do not have a famous last name. So if I can do a million, is her contribution really all that impressive? And was the millions for public schools or for the private ones that her kids went to? Sorry, I'm just not impressed by her or her pedigree. Sit in a classroom and listen to kids say they are working to get out of their urban enviornment because they are afraid of getting shot in their homes and then tell me what quality of character is.

Back to my business as usual...tomorrow is Chinese New Year. Kelsey and I made cupcakes for her daycare and for my office. We also stuffed Chinese envelopes full of gold chocolate coins for her daycare. Kelsey LOVED baking with me and I let her crack the eggs, hold the mixer (for a second) and put the paper cups in the trays. All in all a very good evening.


Anonymous said...

There is the possibility that the next president will be able to elect 3 new Supreme Court justices to the court. McCain on his website pledged to nominate conservative judges who are committed to over turning Roe v. Wade.

I wouldn't vote on one issue and a big part of me wants to believe that he is carrying the party line, but when he says he is going to nominate very conservative judges, I don't think I can support him. The current court is already conservative and these are lifetime appointments. It is important to keep the court balanced.

I don't know much about the Kennedy's and their recommendations aren't likely to sway my vote. Based on the information I found Caroline has been a long time supporter of Hilary's Senate campaign and earlier of her Presidential campaign.

Personally I think it is more important to look at the issues that the candidate brings forward. What are they saying that they are going to do and do we believe that they will try to accomplish those things. Then you have to look at some of their past actions.

This is an amazing year that reflects a lot of changes. Between Obama and Hilary we have options for a first in the US. That is exciting. I think it is also important to have a first who is the right person for the job to pave the way for others. This is not a comment on either Obama or Hilary, just a suggestion to focus on the issues and what America needs rather than race, gender or who is endorsing a particular candidate.

Glad the Chinese New Year Festivities are underway and best of luck for all in the new year!

JoAnn in NJ said...

thank you for your insightful and intellegent comments.

Please feel free to visit my blog anytime and voice your opinon.

sweet-P's Mum said...

Hey...we have different political views, but the same last I'll let it slide! In fact Mikes family is completely split down the middle...half staunch Republicans, the other half bell ringing Democrats! Christmases are fun!

One of Mikes relatives even called their kid Reagan...seriously, Piper was almost 'Clinton' just to even the score!

still love yah!


p.s. I think the Kennedy thing is moot...who gives a rats's purely nostalgia.

Wayswin said...

"My Husband, my Father, and my Brother were all in the military."

Brother is rooting for Obama, and will vote against any republican... knows that it is blood for oil, and those that reap the oil and power do so from spreading the mental illness that ... by keeping the arabs from plowing israel into the sea, then jesus can come back and the world will end, just like it is written in the big book of lies used to control masses.... and all the people who cheered for the "Right" side can go to heaven.

If it's Mcain against Obama, the whack jobs have maybe a file folder of stuff to use against him, and maybe some of it won't even be lies.....

If it's Mcain against Hillary.... they have several tractor trailer loads of files, collected over several decades to use against her....

I could rant for hours.....

JoAnn in NJ said...

Maybe tis time to get back on the happy pills baby brother.

I'm seeing some "internet evidence" that the mighty Obama may be the biggest fraud ever pulled over Americans' eyes.
Shocking...hopefully some of the media 'ho's will pick it up and run with it.

Man I hope America wakes up. All of you so hungry for "change" better be able to accept what you're about to wrought on us.