Sunday, February 10, 2008

An Interesting Weekend...

Today was a joyous day. Not for any big or special reason, but for the joy that I felt being together as a family.

I first noticed it at church. Just from the way she was interacting with us and her friends. She is a child who truly loves people. Several people stopped me today to comment on how joyous she is. And the way she was hugging Kurt today...pure joy :)

After coffee hour, Kurt dropped me off and he and Kelsey went on their merry way to the "puppy store!" to visit the puppies. Kelsey could do this every single day and be thrilled. Kurt and/or I take her at least once a month to a certain pet store in NJ to see all the pups. We are now talking about what has to happen in order for us to actually get a dog one day. Then Daddy and Daughter went to Mickey D's for lunch.

What did I do during the precious 90 minutes? A few loads of laundry, mopped the kitchen and cleaned most of the downstairs while they were gone. And then I made a roast chicken for dinner along with the trimmings. It felt really good to come upstairs at the end of the day and have the whole downstairs neat and orderly and ready for a busy week.

Yesterday was a bit of a challenge...Montana (Tana) pulled out a whole line of her fur and hasn't been up to par. She's our FIV positive deaf kitty and she's almost 8 years old now. So we took her to the vets and they ran a blood panel. I'll be calling the Dr. on Tuesday to learn the results. I have 2 fears (1) she's a diabetic...she's been gulping water lately (2) the FIV is progressing. I hope the tests show nothing and she's just stressed out because I've gone back to work a month ago.

Also, Friday night my brakes started making horrible noises as I was driving to my sister's house. I made Kurt promise to stay up till Kelsey and I got home from my nieces' birthday party. (he did) He took the car out Sat am and said he thought it was the pads...and he was right. Luckily, Meineke did a good job and we are now squeekless again.

Between the vet and the mechanics...ouch!

We also did some food shopping and then I ran to a few stores looking for Valentine's Day clings for some quick and easy decoration. Luckily I found them at Party City, so when Kelsey woke up from her nap, she and I decorated the windows in the living room :) With puppies and girl loves her puppies and kitties.

Sorry no photos recently, the battery died on the camera and we misplaced the charger and only found it last night.

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You have been tagged. I'm sorry...Colleen started it. stop by my blog for details...

Hope you have a happy day!