Friday, February 22, 2008


Everyone who visits my blog, please ignore the jerks who put the "look here" crap in my comments section...they are viruses and these people who maliciously do this should have their internet privledges revoked.

Today was a snow day in the Hoppe household. Probably one of the harder things I do in my life is try to work from home occasionally with Kelsey present. Today, was a much better day than most because she allowed me to work when I told her I needed to. And I had a few conference calls that went well (she gets the finger to the lips "ssshhhh" motion) I got a few things done, but not as much as I had hoped.

I do have to say that today reminded me of the not so distant past when I was job hunting. It was fun to have the routine back again and to spend the day enjoying Kelsey rather than worry about the hunt. I miss her so much when we're apart!

Tomorrow we will play...Kelsey's first time ever in snow. I was worried that her snowpants would be unchristened again (like last year) but nope, we have about 7-8 inches and can probably build a cool snowperson!

We had a nice dinner, a fun bubble bath and now we are tucked in for the night watching the Little Mermaid. Hope your evening is as fun.

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Wayswin said...

I hope you read my warning before you tried that link.