Monday, February 04, 2008

Getting Political for a Moment...

Seriously, people have got to stop the canonization of Barack Obama.

The Ted/Caroline Kennedy connection made me want to vomit. How lame for the old warhorse and the dilettante to jump on the coat tails of this new bright political voice. (Nothing personal Caroline but do you contribute ANYTHING?) And Ted? LOL!

And to be a horrible American...JFK didn't really do much for the US during the brief time he was in office. Perhaps if he had lived and served another term....

Here's the deal...I think the Republican nominee will be McCain. He's at a serious disadvantage because of W.

The Democratic nominee should be Hilary. For the BIG reason that Obama is too new to hit the ground running effectively. Perhaps in 6-12 years... It takes a long time to become seasoned to a new job and Capital Hill is the hardest in the world. It takes many Presidents almost one term to create any change and then they're running for re-election....too little too late!

America doesn't have the luxury of time to allow Obama to come up to speed...he won't get there fast enough to halt what's happening right now. Things are bad...really bad and I am afraid that it's going to get worse.

And I think people are afraid to criticize him for fear of being labeled a racist.

The Clintons had a really good run and we prospered as a country underneath Bill's leadership. I think the Hil/Bill leadership will benefit us.

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday.. I have a cyber confession...I am a Republican, since I registered to vote almost 30 years ago. I won't change parties for one election, but I do vote my conscience.

Kurt changed parties a few years ago and has promised to vote for Hilary for me. I'll vote for McCain.

And I'm going to be judgemental here and vote based on my personal prejudgice...

I want to see a woman President! Let's have positive role models for our daughters...our sons have had their turns.

Elect Hilary and make it so! Can the NY Times be wrong?


Anonymous said...

My husband and I just voted for Obama. We're hoping that he takes NJ and that his nomination will bring some much needed change and a move from negative politics.

JoAnn in NJ said...

I'm glad the poster and her husband voted. I think it's imperative that we all get out there and excersize our right to vote!

I will be taking our daughter tonight to the voting booth with me. I've taken her every time there's been an election since she's been home. It's my sincere wish that Kelsey takes an intellgent stand on politics and votes her conscience!

p.s. I wasn't negative about Obama. It's the Kennedy's I have issue with. I think in a dozen years (maybe more or less) he'll make a fine candidate.

Anonymous said...

Since you are supporting McCain, I would be curious to know your position on the issue of 'human dignity' as outlined on his website. This includes information about Roe v. Wade--Supreme Court, specifically what is left to the states to decide vs. federally protected, adoption, protecting children, etc.

Anonymous said...

Actually Caroline Kennedy Chas raised millions of dollars for NYC schools....this is the most exciting election in years. Like it or not, Obama has a fire in him that has shaken up our country. He will keep the campaign focused on the issues. Hillary is awesome, but, her time may have passed. McCain is not a believer in supporting a women's right to choose. I would never support him.