Monday, August 24, 2009

Three Word Sunday - A Bit Later Than Planned

I had a full post written and lost it, plus a slower than normal computer meant I missed it. But it's probably okay that I didn't have it's not pretty or happy.

My week sucked....
I didn't get EITHER job I interviewed for. The first org used my interview to convince themselves that they can't afford what they want so they hired a coordinator.

The second job hired a Harvard MBA who lived in the same town. Can't compete with that.

Sadly, this wasn't the worst part of my week...Mom's back in the hospital in ICU due to a bleeding ulcer caused by taking her blood thinners and not eating properly. She lost so much blood we almost lost HER! But they scoped her and cauterized her ulcer and gave her many many units of blood and plasma. Due to the low volume of blood in her system, she had a heart attack as well...this has been AWFUL!

She's been in ICU since Thursday and finally woke up yesterday (Sunday) however she is pretty disoriented. But she does know us and we'll take progress in baby steps.

Kurt's still traveling for work so Kelsey's going through all this with us and hasn't been happy spending hours in the ICU, but we've tried to give her as much fun as possible. She's been acting out and whacked her forehead on our bed last night. Luckily she's got a hard head..but it was a scary night and she's fine and perfectly normal today.

Kurt's leaving for his next trip a little later today -so he's going to spend some quality time with our girl at the park today. But all in all, my 3 word is summed up as

Let's hope and pray this week is better...Mom gets well and I get some more job leads!

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Liz said...

Sorry to hear about your mom - let me know if we can do anything...