Sunday, November 18, 2007

Reaching into the Archives

It's cold, rainy and boring today. We went to church, did some food shopping and then came home to chill. (literally!)

I've decided to reach into my archive of memories of the not too distant past for today's posting. About a month ago, Kurt and I decided to take Kelsey into the city (that's Manhattan for some of you) to AMMH (American Museum of Natural History) to the Butterfly Exhibit. I'm sure most of you know what that is (hot and humid environment is created and live butterflies live and fly for the general public. We went on a Friday, and it wasn't very crowded and we got a lot of up close and personal time with the "flies" as she calls them.

I was worried that Kelsey might be frightened or too hyper for the exhibit, but she was perfect, enjoying the exhibit but not grabbing at the butterflies (the way another boy close to her in age tried to)

She liked the museum, so we'll try another one in the next few months

Tomorrow, a post of National Adoption Day (which was Saturday)

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Our new baby Ashley Rose said...

kelsey would love butterfly world in florida. there are butterflies all over you.