Friday, November 09, 2007

Thank you Oprah!

Today was a very enjoyable day considering we did very little. Kelsey was a happy girl today and actually let me work on a few projects. Additionally, she took a nice long nap on the couch, so I had time to enjoy a relaxing lunch, talk on the phone and have a phone interview.

I had the idea for a post about how wonderful I think my niece and nephew are to play so well with Kelsey. They are the perfect mix of rough-house and gentle with her. She climbed all over them, ran around like a crazy girl and laughed her head off. She loves her cousins very much!

At 4pm, I was going to turn on one of my guilty pleasures, reruns of Charmed, but I saw a preview of an Osmond special on Oprah, so I tuned in.

I admit it...I'm in my 40's and adored the Osmonds when they were in their heydey. I can sing all the words to "One Bad Apple", "Puppy Love" and "Paper Roses" and I think it was sweet and innocent music in the odd period of time in the '70's.

It was wonderful to see their family grow. Oprah said their immediate family of kids and grandkids were over 100 people!

Kelsey and I danced to the music and had a wonderful hour, so I decided to post about that instead.

Here's a great photo of the day Kelsey and I spent yesterday with my sister and two of her children. The kids play well with Kelsey and she adores her older cousins.

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