Thursday, November 08, 2007

I Need A Genie

I have decided I no longer need to win the lottery to make my life perfect. I now need a magical Genie to grant me 3 wishes. What would I wish for? (yes, world peace, etc. but I am referring to personal right now :)

  1. I want to be where I am in this life, but be 35 again (don't ask how old I am...just know that I distantly remember 35 :) AND be in good health. (this has to be one wish)
  2. Yes, greedily, my 2nd wish is to win the lottery. However, I share well with others and would definately bestow all my family and friends and key non profits near and dear to my heart with cash! Winning the lottery would also allow me to adopt another child, which is something I would dearly love to do (especially after my experience today---stay tuned for tomorrow's post!)
  3. My third wish is for my daughter. I want her to be as happy and carefree in the future as she is now. I hate hate hate the idea that someday soon she has to go through the torture of wondering why she is adopted and why her first family left her. This should never have to happen to a child.

Maybe my wish should be that every child is born into a family that wants, needs and can support her. And every person about to bring a child into the world is capable of doing so, can support the child and is loving. Maybe that's how world peace starts :)

p.s. please send good thoughts into the universe for my Aunt Audrey who has a heart surgery tomorrow and for my dear friend Rachel's Dad who is facing some medical challenges.

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