Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Love Hurts?

Remember the old J. Geils Band song? It was a pretty great song.

Well, today I'm talking about child to parent abuse! My rough and tumble daughter is only 28 months old, but here is a laundry list of injuries she's caused ME!

1) bruised ribs

2) black eye

3) knocked out my tooth - had to get a root canal and a fake tooth!

4) sprained back

5) fat lip

6) numerous black and blues on my legs!

7) She uses my chest as her own personal rock wall! I'm lucky I'm not mishapen!

Most of the injuries were from when she was much smaller. We tend to lounge around on the bed a lot. Kelsey used to throw herself on us, which is how I got the bruised ribs and the sprained back. When she first came home, if she got upset, she used to throw herself backwards in anger, frustration, etc. and that's how she cracked my tooth and it broke the next day. AND the black eye AND the fat lip (on the same day!)

My poor husband is lucky that he has family jewels anymore, she is always jumping all over him.

Kelsey of the future...OUCH!!!! Love shouldn't have to hurt so much!

I originally tried to make this posting a little tongue in cheek, but decided it really wasn't that funny.

Happy Turkey Day All


Headmeister said...

I guess you should be giving thanks that you're not in a full body cast by now!!!!! lol!!!

Happy Turkey Day!

Wayswin said...

J. Geils Band's song was "Love Stinks"

Nazareth played "Love Hurts"

But Bruce said it best, "And if youre rough and ready for love honey Im tougher than the rest."