Sunday, November 11, 2007

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

These are a few of my favorite things outside being Kelsey's Mommy
  1. Gardening - I love digging in the dirt, making beauty and planting (plants, trees, flowers) I love it all. Kurt calls me the "plant 'ho" because I am never happier than when playing in garden centers.
  2. The beach - any time of year...I need that connection to nature and the feeling that whatever is going on in my mind and life is infinitely smaller than the ocean. I just exhale and breathe in the sea air and it calms me. I am happy to say I have swum in both Atlantic and Pacific oceans
  3. Fashion, used to be in the fashion industry, now I love to look at the magazines
  4. The Gilmore Girls...Tuesdays at 8pm will never be the same without Lorelei and Rory. I have loved that show from the moment I saw it.
  5. Home improvements/decorating. How many women are excited by a visit to Home Depot or Lowes? Me! I need a project soon!
  6. Cleaning my house to Aretha - fun, loud and you move!
  7. drug of choice
  8. Coffee! I am a dunkin donuts woman (detest the *$)
  9. Snuggling with my cats. My purr boats are wonderful creatures
  10. Going to Church...another reminder that it's not all about me!
  11. Meeting my own expectations - not too easy!
  12. Spending quality time with Kurt...distant memory, but I remember that I love it!
  13. Organizing my closets in the beginning of the seasons...sick but its so satisfying and makes you feel like you can rule the world!
  14. Entertaining family and friends
  15. Christmas - decorating, baking, it all!
  16. Music - so much a passion of mine that I need a break from it occasionally. I especially love interesting music played in my earphones. I am a music for mood person

16 things with less than 4 minutes to go! NaBloPoMo, I'm doing it!

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