Sunday, November 25, 2007

How to Create a Life Worthy of Your Child...

One of my favorite bloggers, posted a thought that stopped me dead in my tracks last night. She wrote it almost a year ago, yet it will burn in my mind for a long long time. Let me enlighten you the way I've been feeling.

"It’s gratifying to work alongside "her spouse" in crafting a family life worthy of "her daughter" and the childhood memories that are still just a twinkle in her eye."

I both really love and really hate it when someone takes a thought that had been milling in my mind for a while and translates it beautifully to the written word.

I really love it because it galvanizes what's been rolling around in my mind and I feel validated. But I hate it because I have "writer's envy" and am a touch competitive ;)

It's not all the "things" that you give your child that will give him or her a happy childhood and guide him or her on the path to secure, grounded adult. It's security, stability, consistency and experience that will do the deed. Culture and traditions are an important part of that.

More than anything else I want our girl to be grounded and emotionally healthy. I want her to thrive and remember her childhood with pleasure. Not that we gave her things like a cool toy kitchen, TMX Elmo or enough plastic Dora toys to fill a landfill (because we have) I want her to remember when we took her apple picking or had tickle fights or played with Daddy's "guys" and spun in his office chair. And the thousands of other memories we will create in the future.

All because we were lucky enough to become her parents.

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