Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Our Girl Isn't Model Material!

Not that she's not beautiful...we firmly believe she's more beautiful than Heidi or any of those highly paid VS models...she's just doesn't have the temperment!

We're having our family holiday photo shoot at Target on Sat, so I wanted to try on a few holiday outfits we had for her. Sadly for our tiny peanut, she still fits into her 12 month outfits last year!

The first dress is adorable (Thanks Jim and Judy) but actually felt a little small on her.

The burgundy outfit is cute, but not dressy enough (perhaps our Advent dinner outfit)

The red sweater outfit would have been the winner, but I didn't get the matching skirt (couldn't find her size) and the one I tried to use doesn't match (too burgundy)

So by process of elimination, I present Kelsey's Christmas photo dress, black velvet top and burgundy skirt with black embroidery.
I got it last year at Macy's. It's a 12 month (sigh)

As you can see, my "model" wasn't interested in making the camera her best friend and it was all I could do to get her to sit for the quick shots I did get.

Today, unfortunately, she woke up with a slight cold (runny nose and low-grade fever). the outting I planned for her, her first movie, (The Bee Movie) is postponed until she's feeling better. Oh well, my girl had a fun day watching Dora hanging out with me and eating chocolate.


Kristen said...

I LOVE the dress you choose... She looks beautiful.. She is such a little peanut!

Vicky said...

SO SO SO adorable !!!!! Love her Christmas outfit !!

Love, Vicky

Gretchen aka mamagigi said...

Loving the options -- and wishing you a great photo shoot this weekend!

(And congrats on the ebay items and the fact that you're kicking tushy on NaBloPoMo...which, by the way, is HARD.)

Carrie said...

Kelsey is such a little cutie!! Just LOVE the dress...have fun and good luck!