Monday, November 26, 2007

Waited my whole life for moments like this

Kelsey is getting so mature! She puts on her socks or slippers if her feet are cold and tonight she took her pants and put them in her hamper without being prompted!

We took some video of setting up our tree the other night. Kelsey was a great help putting up the ornaments. I have since learned that she's discovered and loves candycanes.



i-Con said...

How cute is that?

I can't wait for those moments too :0)


Our new baby Ashley Rose said...

very nice! at this age they get be very indepented. Ashley now fold her clothes and i her give a dollar for her piggy bank. and she saves it when we go to the movies. your tree looks great by the fireplace.

Wayswin said...

That was fantastic... When she said' "Thank you Mommy.", that was way too cute...

Give her a squeeze from me.
Uncle Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the video clip! I agree with Jimmy; when Kelsey said, "thank you, Mommy", that was so precious!!

Gretchen aka mamagigi said...

Now you've really got me looking forward to putting up our tree this weekend. I hadn't yet wrapped my head around the notion that she'll be able to be so involved! Thanks for the reminder.

Looks like you all had a wonderful family moment.