Sunday, November 04, 2007


I colored my hair myself on Friday, darker than it's been in a while. It's also longer than it's been in a while too and shaggy. I need a haircut, but my stylist will yell at me for coloring my hair darker and by myself. Oh well, I need the 'do fixed soon.

  • I am looking forward to trying digital scrapbooking. Kurt's got a program that I can use and I am hoping its easier than normal scrapbooking. I'm also hoping that I get the same feeling of satisfaction from it.

  • Since I'm not working, I've been doing a lot more cooking. I recently found a recipe for a kick-ass stew. I hated stew as a child, but now because I'm the one cooking, I like it.

  • I'm such a hypocrite. I hated that October was unseasonably warm, and now that November is getting colder, I'm not happy about the cold weather. I need to get out in the garden and get rid of leaves, do a final cleaning and mulch, but it's hard with Kelsey (we are not fully fenced in) and I'm getting lazy about doing the work.

  • We started our Christmas shopping on Friday. It felt good to get something accomplished, but I am so used to buying whatever I want (within reason) for Christmas. It really upset me to have to think about spending $30. That used to be nothing.

  • I decided that I want my kitchen to have a coffee theme. The thing about that is that it's a green kitchen - which doesn't easily lend itself to the coffee theme. I found a few coffee things with green in them. One I am particularly proud of is a set of prints I scored on ebay. However, the prints are 9x9 and it is challenging to find reasonably priced black frames for 8 prints. So I bought some clear contact paper and wrapped the prints. They will go up on the soffit with velcro until I can find the size frames I need for cheap (less than $5 each)

  • Speaking of ebay, Kurt and I decided to get rid of some things there. Mostly Kelsey's clothes which are way too small now. I sorted them, now I have to press them, write up descriptions and post them. Maybe Tuesday or Wed. I am excited to begin this, but feeling a little overwhelmed at the whole thing (I wrote up one thing and it seemed to take forever!) I know I have to do this a little at a time :)

    1. Tell me one new thing about you this season!

      p.s. I want to thank Colleen, Missy and Jimmy for writing me and saying things to pick my spirits up. I know I'm a little sad now, but I also know that it just takes one thing to get me going again...I know this isn't hopeless and I will find a new job soon! And hopefully Miss Kelsey will sleep in her own bed again one day!

      I leave you with a shot of Kelsey in her Indian princess costume enjoying the bubbles at Gymboree



      Wayswin said...

      Your like to the high def picture won't work, I had to cut and paste the link to see it.

      Delete this comment after you get it fixed. I'll leave a better one later.

      Our new baby Ashley Rose said...

      You are so welcome! anytime! things will be get better everyday!