Saturday, November 17, 2007

another short one...

Kelsey gave me her cold, so I medicated myself up last night and missed posting. Sorry!

I want to talk for a moment about empathy...I think there is definitely inbred of how empathetic you are, but it can also be enhanced or learned.

Kelsey, realizing that I wasn't feeling well tonight, kept hugging me telling me "feel better, okay?" she also wanted to snuggle with me (didn't want to let her do that) but she said "hold my hand" and we both fell asleep holding hands. She's learning that she's not the only one...I think that's pretty great for a 2 year old! I want her to be empathetic to the world and to want to help make it a better place!

She spent the day at her babysitter and Kurt picked her up last night, letting me hang out under the covers (they went to get Chinese food for dinner) and then we all curled up to watch Ice Age.

Kelsey was an angel last night...Mommy really needed the good behavior.

Today, Daddy got Kelsey up, played with her, got her washed, dressed and fed. They're now both at Gymboree shaking their sillies out. When they get home, we have to decide whether to reschedule our photo shoot.

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