Saturday, November 03, 2007

Looking into the Soulless Eyes at Walm*rt

Well, I did it. And I am not proud or happy with myself. I went to the bowels of hades that is our local Walm*rt in NJ. I have to say, they recently revamped the store, so it looks very nice (and people, it is less than 3 years old!) but it's the people that are the challenge...

Seriously, they must pay next to nothing for the employees they hire. Cashiers who are TALKING ON THEIR CELL PHONES ON PERSONAL CALLS WHILE WORKING! Every single cashier I saw within a 5 line radius had their lights blinking for assistance. They didn't know how to process credit cards, they couldn't ring up the Halloween merchandise that was discounted and they didn't understand English.

Even the head cashiers didn't know how to ring up merchandise. The woman in front of me bought 2 inflatable Halloween thingies, and they were each $12. The discount was 75%. Neither the cashier or the head cashier could figure it out. The woman buying the item told them and then I told them. Each one was $3. SAD. What a horrible example of NJ education system.

I watched the cashiers carefully. Each one had dull and sad eyes. Soul-less. Walm*art is a place I normally avoid when I can, but I had heard they started their holiday sales early, so I wanted to take a peek. I don't think I'll be making that mistake again. I feel dirty and sad when I leave that store.

I've heard that those stores are wonderful in the South and Midwest...not at the 3 I've been to in NJ.

What did I end up standing in the checkout lines for? Downy and contact paper.

p.s. Kelsey fought nap time again and finally passed out at 5. Bed time will not be fun.


Wayswin said...

Recently... Wally World has been running public relations ads on TV. Trying to get us not to focus on the idea that they sell lots of imported goods and drive small business under.

Don't know what to tell ya.

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