Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Random Thoughts on a Tuesday Evening...

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Yesterday Kelsey and I ran a few errands. Our first stop was the post office. I was putting together a box and she was standing right next to me, chatting with the post office personnel and enjoying the new experience. She handed me something saying it "taste bad" my heart stopped as I realized she picked up an Advil off the floor (thinking it was an M&M) and licked it!

Thank God she didn't like the taste and had not broken the coating off. I called her Pediatrician and was told as long as she didn't eat any of the Advil not to worry. I saw the lick marks, but the name on the pill was clean and sharp. I cried in the car afterwards to think that this might have killed her if she hadn't disliked the taste. It would have been a quick pop in the mouth and gone. I might not have seen or known until it was too late. Kids put things in their mouths. I am very watchful about medicines at home, because Kurt and I take them ---but we don't take them in front of her. In fact, when my Mom was staying with me a few weeks ago, I asked her NOT to take her pills in front of Kelsey because I didn't want her to think taking pills was anything fun.

I was upset at the nameless person who was careless in dropping their pill and at the same time grateful it wasn't anything worse (I've heard a story of a 2 year old dying from taking one low dose blood pressure pill from the grandparent's stash) I was also upset with myself for not catching it before it got in her mouth.

Request of the day...please please please, be careful when you take your medicine. If you have it, make sure you don't keep them in containers that small children could easily open (believe me, they are watching you and can mimic your movements easily!) And when you are in a new environment, take a quick scan on the floor before you put a small child down to play. You may save their life.

Kelsey is fine, thank goodness, but I know that her angels were watching her yesterday!
I went on a job interview today. In NYC. I would love the opportunity, the money and to work for such a well known organization (very prestigious) but I DO NOT WANT TO WORK IN NY! Been there, done that for 12 years and I don't think I could make the commute work for Kelsey's daycare situation. I have a 2nd interview next week. The commute was a total drag in the rain. However, I haven't gotten that much exercise in while, so if I had to take that job, I might lose a few lbs. I'm praying the alternatives I've been working on will come to light.
Kelsey and Tana were playing bubbles tonight and Kelsey was blowing the bubbles and Tana was popping them. It was very fun and cute and they both enjoyed themselves!
I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and watching the Macy's Parade with Kelsey.
Kurt will be going away on Monday to his end of year Chicago trip. Kelsey will not have a good week because she's been very attached to Daddy recently. When she's sad because "no Daddy" we carry his picture around and call him on the phone - alot. I'm going to ask him to record a few videos so I can play them for her when she's feeling extra sad.
To Tita Glo, so happy that you're feeling better! I'm sure you and Mom are having as fun a time as you can while you're recuperating! My Aunt Audrey just had a triple heart bi-pass on Monday and is recovering well.
Mom, Kelsey has been asking for her Lola and is looking forward to seeing you soon! The photo above is just for you and was taken in MA this past summer.

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Anonymous said...

As usual, I enjoyed reading this entry, JoAnn. Tried to post comments earlier several times, but for some reason, I could not get through using my Google/blogger account (perhaps, I forgot my user ID and/or password? A very senior moment, indeed!)Anyway, Tita Glo appreciates your message and I do love the photo of my two lovelies! I am sending this using "anonymous" and see if it will take.