Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Motherhood is kicking my butt this week

I missed a day....I'm not going to curse myself out, because I was not at the spa, shopping or having a fabulous time...I was being a full time Mommy to an energetic two year old.

Sometimes I have all the patience in the world and sometimes I need to bite my tongue hard. Monday was the latter. I think it also had to do with coming off the weekend and having the house be a little less organized than usual. I hate that. Plus it was freakin' cold yesterday.

To sum it up:
Mommy - short tempered (for no real reason)
Kelsey - had a fun day, but ignored Mommy when she told her to clean up her toys and to stop whining for the millionth time
Daddy - worked extra long day yesterday

Today should be better and I will have another post to catch up

1 comment:

Our new baby Ashley Rose said...

do not worry, ashley has not been listening either,i think it is the new time change and she was off from last week. I know what you mean mommy hood is very exhuasting.
You blogs are great.i look forward to them everyday. my adult time . catch up with you later!