Monday, May 12, 2008

Planning a Party and Need Cool Invitations?

Why not consider photo card invitations that you can use any photo and build your own invitation?

Don't you love the Panda? I would have loved this as our invitation for Kelsey's baby shower! There wasn't anything available that fit our unique situation (adopting a baby girl from China) Some people design their own and some make do with the "generic" shower invites from the party store.

But I would use this invitation to do a Chinese New Year party, a birthday party one year...a zoo party for an animal lover...these photo cards are so creative and have multi uses!

Customizing a card like this is so easy! You just choose the photo that suits your needs and you click the links to order what you need. You can customize both the inside AND the outside, so it you like a card that says Happy Holidays and you want to say "Come to My Christmas Party!" you can. Using images already incorporated as cards makes creating personalized invitations easy work and lets you sink most of your creativity into the decorations and the gifts!

Plus, no writer's cramp from writing "A Shower for JoAnn" 40 or so times!
And please remember to invite me...I love a good shower! :)


Our new baby Ashley Rose said...

thats so funny you posted about invites, i posted almost the samething, ashey was making her own for her birthday party. which i have to plan something soon. i love the panda card.

Amie said...

I am INVITING you to play TAG! (you had so much fun last time, right?)

stop by for details.


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