Friday, May 09, 2008

Blogging My Way Into the Future

I decided a few weeks ago that I would try to use my blog for other purposes than brag about our Angel Face. While reading my very large blog list, I came across a blogger who I enjoy reading who joined and I decided to check it out...

After reading all about this, I've decided to join payperpost which is a site that helps companies market products in new and different ways. As a "former marketer" I enjoy the "out of the box" thinking that someone developed this concept...wish I had first!

I like the idea that I and I alone get to choose what I write about. There are different categories of things to choose and the price varies on the product. This is my blog and I control the content. That's a big reason I decided not to allow ads on my blog.

What will I do with the money I earn for this? Well, I think I'll set some goals...
I want to enroll Kelsey in a local dancing school, and this will be a great way to earn the money. Eventually I'd like to see if I could use this blog to pay for her pre-school/after care. After that, who knows?

Kelsey, Kurt and I had a PJ party tonight....we dress in our PJ's after dinner and dance like crazy to fun music...if you could see her dance, you'd realize how much she would enjoy dancing lessons! (actually you will shortly, because we videoed it!)

I like the idea of polishing my writing skills to add some extra income for our family. If you have a similar interest, I invite you to check it out at

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