Thursday, May 15, 2008


I am heartbroken over the earthquake situation in China. I have been reading the accounts and looking at the photos of the deaths and the damage and there are just no words to explain how I feel. I'm going to try for Kelsey's sake in the future...

Dearest Kelsey,
This past week a terrible earthquake happened in China. It was a severe one and many people were trapped in collapsed buildings and died. Many were children and there are all kinds of photos all over the Internet of little feet sticking out of the rubble. Damn technology to share something so devastating. The pain in China is palpable.

I was very thankful that Hunan province wasn't affected by this tragedy, which means your birth family is mostly likely safe. However, your birth country is shaken and in great pain. I feel pain for China because you coming into my life means that China is part of my soul. We experienced the joy of a lifetime by adopting you and shared it with the Chinese people. I feel connected to China in ways I can't explain.

I feel anxious and sad the same way I felt when the terrorists attacked the World Trade Center on September 11 2001. (but this time I am not scared for myself, the way I was on 9/11)

One of the ways I endured the pain of Sept 11th was to dig in the dirt to create something beautiful. I'd like to create something in homage to the people who are suffering greatly now

This is the 2nd tragedy to hit China in a 6 month period...the last time it was massive snow storms that hit the more tropical regions of China, devastating crops, livestock and people. That time, Hunan and HuaiHua was at risk and I worried about your orphanage family and your birth family. Orphanages are always last on the Chinese government's list of groups to assist, so outside help was needed. I also have to say that the caregivers in orphanages are extremely dedicated to their small charges and braved many treacherous weeks to get from their homes to the orphanages.

Honey, I hope that China finds a way to heal itself after this terrible tragedy and will rebuild their cities. I wish we had more money to donate...but we'll do what we can.

You've looked at some of the photos with me tonight and I tried to explain in gentle words what happened.

We are so privileged that China allowed us to adopt you and love you forever. It breaks my heart to see China so broken and in pain now...may God help them through this and heal

The perspective component in all this is that the US is currently in a Presidental election year that isn't pretty (see my posts this year) and gas prices are $3.55 in NJ today...we're all feeling the pinch, but after seeing what's going on in China...we've got a sweet deal here.

All my love,

p.s. you had a double whammy tonight! First you hit the corner of your eye on Judy's doorknob and gave yourself a little shiner and then you pulled a book off the TV and beaned your little head with our clock! You're sleeping soundly next to me as I write this...and you are fine, but I think I lost at least 6 months off my life when i heard you scream tonight!


Beverly said...

Bless her little heart!!

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

You caught your feelings so eloquently so that your sweet daughter will understand how you felt at this time.

Bless you and your family.