Monday, May 05, 2008

Lessons I've Learned from Mother...

Nature, that is! :)
  • Make new friends but keep the old...My spring gardens make me happy AND sad at the same time. Happy because spring is finally here and all my old "friends" are back, my creeping phlox is in full bloom and the scent of the lilacs are perfuming the air. I see the promise of my peonies shooting up and my unstoppable daylilies are full and lush. My beloved hydrangeas are full of leaves and soon will be budding. But I'm a little sad because already gone are the forsythias, daffodills and tulips. My new friend? A hanging basket of strawflowers I picked up at the supermarket. I've never seen these before and they are adorable!
  • Never settle for second best...soil, plants, set-up, weed control, watering...I try very hard to get the best I can afford for my home
  • If at first you don't succeed, try try again! Well, I've thrown in the towel on rhododendrum...can't grow these to save my life! However, I never give up on my "landing pad" rock garden. I spend more time, talent and treasure on this long skinny patch of former weeds than all the rest of my property combined! It is the only sunny part of my yard and seems to take an overwhelming amount of plants and weeding to make it pretty.
  • Fall in lust (okay, that one I made up!) I am currently lusting after:
  • butterfly bush or buddlea (just 2 in parts of my landing strip!)
  • French lavendar (3 of them in the hydrangea garden on the other side of the drive
  • Japanese and Dutch Iris...I adore that deep, deep purple color! In my backyard
  • More hydrangea! This time, I'd like another color or species (I'm a big fan of Nikko blue) for the side of my house with the screen porch. When they grow large, they'll look wonderful behind the Tiger Lilies. (3 or 4)
  • Morning Glory..first time I planted it last year...I fell in love with the true blue blooms (did you know they begin as bright fuchsia?)
  • A tall iron sculpture for the clematis I planted last needs something fun to climb (another landing strip baby)
  • I am in the process of removing one semi ugly sticker bush in the center of my rock garden. I'd like to replace it with a shrubby evergreen.
  • A fence to surround our home and keep our precious girl safe and contained.
  • Annuals, such as geraniums and impatients that really give my landscape tons of color (how I wish I could get impatients in yellow!)
  • An interesting and successful choice to plant between the Stella D'Oro daylilies flanking the front walk (I've done tulips, geraniums and impatients..not a fan of the humble begonia)
  • One perfect Saturday that I could take Kurt and Kelsey off to the plant farm and wander through the fields. Sunny, but not too all the time I want to clean the rest of the beds and enjoy my whole process!

Is this being too greedy? I promise I will share the beauty we create with the neighbors!


Wayswin said...

You forgot to list a Chiminea!

Our new baby Ashley Rose said...

morning glorys are so pretty, the will come back every year. my mom keeps ripping them out and they kept coming back, they were my dad's favorite flower to grow, he had a green thumb.

Anonymous said...

Moonflowers are also very nice. they are big and white and open at night. They also have a lovely scent.

They are some yellow impatients. They are a different shape and are called Impatiens - African, Blondie. They sell them at Burpee (

Good luck with the gardening.