Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bloggy Christmas Parade of Homes

Welcome to our home. I love decorating for the holidays but living with a toddler means certain breakables must remain in storage until she's a little older. I keep a low key outside, so all I hang is a wreath on the door...but inside I'm a little more "over the top"

Here is our Christmas Tree. See Santa on the top? He keeps our spirits bright.
Here are some of my favorite ornaments
a 2003 Adoption ornament
The first year we became a family. I cried at the ornament stand in the mall when saying our new daughter's name. What a weenie! :)
The red bull is DH's Chinese Zodiac from China. I am the Rat and Kelsey is the Rooster

This is our fireplace. We love to light fires in the evening, it make our house feel warm and cozy. I particularly love our stockings. DH's is green, mine is cranberry and our daughter's is the green/cranberry combo. it just felt right to have them. I also love the Baker Santa guarding the room. Can you believe when we bought our house 7 years ago, the bricks were all painted white? I spent 6 weeks removing/scraping the paint down to the antique bricks you see here.

I have a lot of Christmas collections, but two that I MUST put out are my collections of snowmen/women and my Santa collection.

The snowmen/women grace the dining room buffet.
The Santas like to mix it up in my bookcase on the 2nd floor

Here are some close-ups
Don't they look festive hanging out? They greet me every morning as I stumble out of my room

I try to bring a little Christmas to almost every room of the house.

This is my Christmas Card tree. I just got it and love it! I am thinking I might leave it up year 'round because it looks like a sculpture to me (minus the cards of course)

This is my reason for enjoying the holidays!

I even had my own Christmas miracle today, read the previous post to learn what happened!

Thanks for stopping by, I love company!


Totallyscrappy said...

I love the baker Santa.
Merry Christmas!
Come on over to my house for a cup of gingerbread tea...

Nadine said...

Great tour. Love all the Santas and Snowmen. Merry Christmas

Dawn said...

Love your home!!! And you have a beautiful daughter!!! What a blessing and full of childlike wonder! :-)

I too, collect Santa figurines!!! Right now I got many small ones but I want some large velvet Santa's next!

I also collect villages and water globes. :-)

Merry Christmas from Dawn in Germany!

Anonymous said...

Your house looks as beautiful as always. I'm so happy that you finally got the family you have always wanted... Merry Christmas :)

Signed, an old friend passing by...

Our new baby Ashley Rose said...

i love your santas! ashley saw them and started to say santa i love him, he is my best friend.
Merry christmas!

mamagigi said...

JoAnn, Everything looks beautiful! Kelsey must be loving it all! Wishing you the most wonderful Christmas ever. And with the recent load off your shoulders, something tells me this could be it!

BTW, our New Year's holiday cards are ready to go out .... so make room on that awesome sculpture for us too!!


The Gallands said...

Your daughter is beautiful- I love all your snowmen too! Merry Christmas!

Living Beyond said...

Loved the tour - you home looks so 'happy'
Merry Christmas

Nan said...

I see we have another Santa lover. I love them too. Merry Christmas.

Shannon said...

Oh my word where do you store it all in the off season?!?

I LOVE all your decorations! Your fireplace looks like home. So beautiful and cozy.

I also love your ornaments. And what a cutie Kelsey is!

MKBookWorks said...

Merry Merry! Congrats on the good news... I am sure you will do great! Love the decor... and little K is just the cutest! Have a wonderful time... all health and happiness in 2008.


Doug and Terrye said...

What a beautiful and festive home you have! And I am so thankful for the "holiday miracle" that came your way in the parking lot of the dollar store :O)

Terrye in FL

Aly said...

Lovely home, looks beautiful! I would leave up the card holder too... why not put birthday cards and other holiday cards and photos on it? I like the idea! (crying is not being a weenie, otherwise I am one way too often!!)

LID 01/27/06