Sunday, December 16, 2007

Keep Those Prayers and Good Thoughts Coming!

Well Folks,
It's been a wierd few days at Casa de Hoppe.
1) Got an email from PFB (potential future boss) that she hasn't been able to get around to checking my refernences but hoped to do so before their offices closed for the holidays.
2) Snow/ice storm was miserable and my poor MIL had to spend the night at the airport in Montreal.
3) I got some kind of flu bug/24 hour deal that had me puking my guts out at 3am on Friday AND 4am and 4:45. etc....I was sick as a dog and miserable. Poor Kurt had to take over all the childcare and the airport run. He's been a saint because I've been afraid to let the baby near me because I don't want her sick too. Luckily it appears that I'm the only one in the family who got this.

So, I'm in a dark place. My feelings are all over the place. I am almost at the 5 month mark for unemployment. I don't feel the holiday spirit at all anymore because I thought that perhaps someone would have sensativity for me. It's the week before Christmas almost 2 weeks since my interview. The way I've been contacted, it feels as if they are one step to a job offer, so, if they want me, great, just say so! I don't even want to consider the alternative right now :(

So, keep sending some good thoughts into the universe for us...we really need the good thoughts!


Kristen said...

Sorry your feeling so crappy... I hope it passes quickly.

I'm sending those good thoughts to the universe so that you hear something soon...

feel Better :o)

Headmeister said...

Feel better girlie! Good thoughts coming your way...

Pugalicious said...

so sorry - sending good thoughts!