Friday, December 07, 2007

Close but No Cigar yet....

I spent all last night wondering if today would be the day and what would happen. I was convincing myself that it wasn't meant to be to protect myself from the downward fall if I didn't get the job offer.

At 9:17 this morning my cell phone rang (Kelsey and I were meeting friends at the local diner for an adoption group meeting) and it was my potential future boss.

She called to let me know they were moving onto the next step of checking my references and expected to complete it next week.

While I am really happy at what that potentially means, I was really hoping for resolution today and to start this year. PFB made it clear that they intend to wrap this up by 12/23 because this org closes between Christmas and NY's.

I know my references are good because I chose good people with whom I worked with well :)

I just want this done....please!

p.s. nothing from the other co....I'll call her on Monday and say professionally WTF?


Jenny said...

I want this for you!!! I hope for a fresh new job to go to asap!

Linda said...

I am praying hard that you get the formal offer soon! C'mon, Angels, get to it, please!