Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sweet Dreams

I had the most amazingly peaceful dream last night. I think I fell asleep last night wondering about the wait for this job offer.

In my dreamstate my mind went back to the majorly long wait in my life, the wait for Kelsey's referral. In my dream last night, I was in church with others who were in the process of waiting for their child's referral. We also didn't have Kelsey yet.

It was my church, but larger and it was Christmas time. The sanctuary was filled with pointsettias and white lights. It was dazzling. I remember the deep voice of the pastor and then we all gathered together to sing. I can't remember which song, but it was beautiful and meaningful to me. As we stood up to sing, all the people in the church began to move together and hold hands. All of us were waiting for our referrals and were stressing out but were remarklably at peace for this song.

As we sang, we moved closer and held hands. The only face that stands out clearly from this group is my dear friend Missy (who is in the process of adopting her son from China right now!) but with different hair (Missy- you were a redhead with the POB cut! :) But I know all the people in my travel group was there and others I know now that are in the process. I can't explain any of this other than to say it felt magical and peaceful and I was very very happy.

I woke up feeling peaceful and happy about the dream, after all, I was majorly stressed out during the wait for Kelsey and that ended magically. We received her referral on 1/25/06. And I remember Christmas of 2005 being a little bittersweet, but mostly happy because I knew very shortly we would see our daughter's face for the first time.

And by the way, thank you for all your prayers and good wishes. My friend Karen did get her Christmas miracle and is entering a new drug trial. If you could keep her in your thoughts and prayers while she's undergoing it all, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Let's face it, waiting for good things to happen is hard. And the more you want and need that good thing the harder it is to wait for it. Let me leave you with the result of our miracle while I keep hoping for the new one to come.

p.s. Happy Birthday Mom! I know you don't read my blog because you're not up on the Internet, but I wanted to let everyone know it is your birthday! You are rockin' 74~


Carrie said...

Beautiful picture JoAnn.

Pugalicious said...

beautiful post.