Thursday, December 06, 2007

I Need a Christmas Miracle or Two!

Well peeps,
I had my two important job interviews this week.
One at a non-profit start-up that I just heart. But I'm a little intimidated by the vast amounts of work involved. I thought the staff was marvy and really enjoyed the whole process - but I was exhausted as I was interviewing from 11-3 with 5 people!

The's in another urban setting and the parking is challenging. I should hear something by tomorrow.

The 2nd one I was pretty disappointed in...I was initially very excited about it (big name and brand, everyone knows it) I could do that job in my sleep. So I get there today...and it has a "garmento" feel to it. No one knows what that means unless you've done time in the fashion industry - as I have. This is not a plus. Plus all the workers there are skinny tall young girls with long straight hair...just like the garmentos.

So I get there, fill out the obligatory job request form (I've already had a preliminary interview and am about to have my 2nd)

So I meet the HR person and she calls down to the man who'd be my boss. Can't find him. Leaves me for 20 minutes to hunt him down only to find he's left the building on a "store emergency" no go forward on this one for now. I left feeling icky about it. Plus, they're still interviewing and taking their sweet time to make a decision at end of year. Bleeech!

So my first Christmas Miracle request is for me....I really want the job offer from the non-profit and want to start now!

The second Christmas Miracle is for a bloggy friend named Karen (whose blog is PWP) she has been sick for a while and got some very very bad news not so recently. But there is a glimmer of hope in NYC at Sloan K. So my 2nd wish is for Karen to get what she needs so she can watch her 3 year old grow into a lovely young woman. I shudder to think of what I'd be like in her place...she has such grace (although I don't think she'd agree)

I realize that asking for a job isn't as miraculous as asking for a cure of an illness, but it is important to my family.

If you read this, please think extra good thoughts for Karen and Doreen (my hope to be boss) and of course for me :)


Anonymous said...

You should get your miracle requests as I believe all your angels are smiling down on you! :)

Jenny said...

I have been hopping for a job for weeks now. I will cross fingers for ya.

And yup about Karen. She is amazing and we are suppose to see her in a few weeks and I am really wanting it to work out.

Alyson & Ford said...

We are praying for you (job search) and Karen (health). We have followed Karen & G. for a very long time (ever since we have been in the "chase"); through her ups and downs.

We wish you much happiness in your new job and prosperity in 2008.
LID 01/27/06

Anonymous said...

Ah. I know all about garmentos. I totally get it. I don't work in fashion but my office is in the Garment District. There are garmentos in my office building. No one outside of NYC seems to grasp just what garmento is. I'd be willing to share our garmentos with the rest of the country....