Thursday, May 03, 2007

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

I'll write a happy birthday post to my DH this weekend. We were crazy busy last weekend, which was his actual birthday.

Today is my baby brother's birthday. This year both Jimmy and now our sister Janet have joined me in our "fabulous"decade. As I've mentioned, Jimmy and his wife Judy live in Maine and love beauty and the slower pace of life there.

We love Maine too, it's just 9 1/2 hours drive so we don't get there very often.

I was 5 and wanted a brother or sister very badly. Finally when my parents told me I was FINALLY going to be a "big sister" everyone asked me if I wanted a brother or a sister. I, in my adorable-ness, said I really wanted a monkey or a gorilla.

I was in Mrs. Patterson's kindergarten class and my Father came in and told me that I had a baby brother. I remember Mrs. Patterson writing on the blackboard that I had a brother and that I was a big sister. I remember feeling so proud that day as I played around the room, I kept stealing looks at the blackboard to see my name and the word "sister!"

Jimmy was named after our grandfather, who unfortunately, passed away a few days after he was born. My Grandpa's name was Vincent and his nickname was Jimmy, so my parents named him James Vincent. I've always thought it was a beautiful name. I was always a little jealous that Jimmy was the only child to get a middle name.

I've always found my brother to be quite interesting....he has some hobbies that are similar to mine (reading) and completely different (scuba diving and boating!). He's a wonderful cook and a home-improvement DYI guy. (The home improvement talent he inherited from our Dad.) Jimmy's very into health and is determined to live a long and healthy life.

Jimmy became a "grandpa" at 35! One of his stepsons had kids early in life so Grandpa Jim was born! :)

I don't have any really good photos of Jimmy, so unfortunately the one I'm posting today is extremely blurry. I have asked him to send me some and maybe this will force him to do so!

So, Happy Birthday Jimmy!

Eat some chocolate for us!


JoAnn, Kurt and Kelsey


C.J. said...

Happy birthday - enjoy :0)

James said...

Almost a month later, I'm finally reading this....

Thanks for the Birthday wish.... but I prefer to celebrate the 12th aniversary of my 29th birthday instead.