Monday, May 07, 2007


One of the bloggers that I love to read (Sandra at The Daily Grind or Jazzie and Tahlia) wrote a posting a few days ago on how many of the bloggers out here write as if their lives are all sunshine and roses. I've probably been guilty as charged because I don't really write this for myself, as much I do for Kelsey in the future.

However, Kelsey got sick on Friday night, first with fever and no sleep for any of us, and then she began to scream everytime she tried to eat and/or drink something.

And Saturday fever, but the screaming was insane! no sleep for any of us...
We all slept on the couches because we were considering rushing her to the emergency room (cue freaked out Mom cursing out the 411 chick for being slow giving me the phone number!)

We did take her to an emergency care clinic and the Dr. said she didn't have cocksackie. Idiot! She was fussy, cranky and ate and drank a little. But she didn't sleep again on Sunday night, so no sleep for any of us again!

So 3 days, 3 different doctors and we finally know what's going on...Coxsackie virus. Insidious bug of a virus causes sores and such pain when a child eats or drinks. I hate that friggin' thing for the pain it has caused my child. Luckily she seems to have a milder case than most, doesn't have it on her hands or feet, and she is eating soft cold foods and drinking some. Some kids absolutely refuse to eat or drink and become dehydrated.

And she's contagious, so no daycare tomorrow. I had to take her daycare today, which means I exposed 5 other kids to this...I"d hate me if I were those kids' Moms. :(

I'm tired and stressed out. So is Kurt. Hopefully this damned virus will be gone in a few days.
Last week was challening at work. I've been putting in almost 50 hour weeks, so I really was looking forward to this past weekend. We had so many fun plans for Kelsey. We had to scrap everything to try to catch up on our sleep. That really sucked wind.

It's really sad to look forward to Monday at work to get some peace while your poor hurting daughter goes to daycare for a few hours.

So no sunshine and roses here tonight. Just the raw pain our baby girl has been feeling. I would trade everything in life to have it be me instead of her. I think she's feeling a little better this evening because she's actually been sleeping since 8:30pm and she played for a bit tonight. Say a prayer that the worst is over and she's on the road to recovery.

The photo above is her on a better day about 2 weeks ago.

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C.J. said...

Sorry to hear that lousy news. I hope the virus packs bags and hits the road for good soon.

Poor kiddo!