Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Back to Sunshine and Roses!

Hey All,
One of my Panda Sisters asked if we wanted to participate in a video she was making of all our girls from referral to one year anniversary.

These are families whose documents were all sent to China in April 2005. We all received referrals of our children and traveled within 1-2 months of each other. This amazing group of women (and a few daddies too!) still correspond daily on a variety of topics and I thoroughly enjoy being an April Panda!

Well, here it is and it's wonderful! We love it so much!
Thank you Margie, you are amazing!

Don't forget, Kelsey is from Hunan Province and is in the first half of the video, but watch the whole thing. It will make your day! And the music is fabulous!

Kelsey is much better now, she's back to her wonderfully happy (eating, sleeping and drinking) self! It did her the world of good to stay home with me yesterday. It did me the world of good too. I wish we could make that a permanent situation, but its not in our cards.



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